Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hub 33 Bday Pt01 - Fish head curry!

OMG OMG OMG, one BIG fish head for just Me and HUB!
This is such a big fish head, weighing about 1.2kg ...
Usually when we eat out with friends, we have to 'share' and usually only HALF of fish head maybe with at least 3-4pax. Imagine ONE BIG Fish head for us! Only one word can describe, "SHIOK"!
I only added Eggplant and Okra to my Fish head curry because I am constraint by the size of my wok! In the end I only added, half of the eggplant too! Oh I add in Beancurd Sheets too.
@ the Supermarket, there are only 2 choices and I chose the smallest fish head which is a ROCK COD HEAD, almost similar to Red Snapper; ALMOST.
Look very smiliar right?
This is the premix I used.

I boiled the fish before braising it in Curry and Veggies.
NO ONE fights the fish eyes with me, and I have TWO to myself.
Having Fish Head Curry in Texas?
I don't think there is any place selling this dish, or maybe I just don't visit much restaurant here.

But Hub is one happy man with a happy tummmy!
And wait till you see PART II ...


  1. Wow that looks good! I miss eating inspired me to cook this too, if I can find the right fish head!

    1. Hi Fern,
      Thanks for visiting, your blog looks great!

      I have waited quite long for the 'right' fish head too, hahaha!



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