Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HCP - Shortcut Indo Style Grill Chicken?

ANOTHER HCP Chicken, hahaha~
Althou my HCP is damage but I have another side of the pan to use!

Hubby once had a BBQ grilled chicken rice, from a Indonesia Food stall and fell IN LOVE with the stall! I researched and realised Indonesian Grilled Chicken has alot of 'STEPS'! Firstly have to braised the chicken in a mix of Curry spices and then grilled them! That is TOO MUCH work for a 2 pax meal! Plus we didn't have a proper BBQ Grill. 

So maybe a shortcut one will do?
I slather the chicken with Olive oil, and marinate with Curry Powder, Paprika, Tumeric and Cumin powder. I shall research more and maybe marinate with the 'REAL' stuffs the next time.
The burnt part is REALLY the BEST part!
Grilled them in HCP and cooked for about 15minutes.
When the chicken is grilled to satisfaction and cooked, slather KECAP MANIS on the grilled charred chicken! If need to, can slather more after dished on plate too ~

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