Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HCP - Cajun Seasoning Chicken Quarter!

This will be the last time I am using my HCP to grill my chicken, *sob sob sob*!
I accidentally burnt my HCP on high fire and placed my chicken when the top is fragile, and burnt out the top. And I didn't realized until I was washing the pan, and there was this patch that I thought was charred skin of the chicken, but it was the top coat of the pan that was scratched/burnt off by the 'chicken'! I bet the 'titanium' coating is either in hub's or my tummy!

In order to console me, Hub has promised to buy me another one on ebay. I didn't particularly enjoying stir-frying on HCP but grilling was TOP notch using HCP as it reduces the smoke and cooking time and gives a good charred result. But we don't always eat grilled stuffs, so we'll see if I ever wanted a HCP again ...
Lather a layer of Olive oil, and add in lots of Cajun seasoning, curry powder, and cumin powder.
And just place it ON the very HOT HCP ...
After 25minutes ...
Looks yummmmy right!
Expensive looking? 
But definitely CHEAP, these chicken leg quarter is about USD1.00 each, a can of bean also about USD0.25 per serving and eggs USD0.20?

Less than $2.00 per servings!!!
and definitely very FILLING too!
I should have added some greens but we are too full ...

*sob sob*


  1. is it cheaper to get HCP from gmarket? we have two at home but no one ever uses them :P

    1. Hi Eve, long time no see you online keke~
      I am back to USA le, unless i get from korea gmarket which is rather complicated to use :( ...

      SG gmarket only deliver to sg, i think.
      So i have to get from ebay le, easier ...
      Only the exchange rate diff, the same ocher selling about SGD70 is USD70 on ebay ...

      I agree if your family is used to using a wok, the HCP is not exactly a superwok like what other pple claims it to be BUT for 'grilling' meat, it is great as it chars the meat without smoking the whole house haha~ I don't use HCP to stirfry too ~ Purely for 'grilling' chicken! Guess I wont miss it that much ..



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