Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ocher Happy Call Pan - Chicken Chop with Mushroom in Cheesy sauce!

My Ocher Happy Call Pan is finally here with me in USA safely!
I am so excited to try out the new toy!
I chose a 'safe' dish to try it out.
The Pan looking sleek and smooth!
If I used it frequently, I doubt it will stay this way for long.
Have to oil and burn off the wax for first use!
I try to boil water in it and indeed there are some 'whitish' dirt floating up the surface of the pan.
Marinate : Fish sauce, sugar and salt.

I dry the chicken up as much as I can, and dunk the chicken in flour hoping the surface of the chicken will be crispier. After that I wiped the pan with a layer of oil, and just pan fry the chicken chop on HCP. I couldn't control the fire well enough and it seems that the chicken pieces took more time to cooked than usual! After the chicken pieces were cook through, I took them out and set it aside.

And I continue to just add in the mushrooms, close the lid and waited for the mushroom to sweat and added lots of pepper before adding the Bertolli four Cheese Rosa. When the cream sauce boil, I just added the sauce onto the chicken.
It was a simple but satisfying dinner.
Oh the egg looks very fake and rubbery right hahaha, I think eggs taste better with a little oil!
The HCP indeed helps to reduce the smell and smoke created but the reduced timng is ermmmm ... 
Maybe my skill is not good enough, will practise more ...

I be trying out a simple Burrito wrap tomorrow ...

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