Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Extreme Cupcakes @ B-I-Y

Finally I get a baking class that matches my SCHEDULE.

It is a 5.5hrs class of cupcakes design, Extreme Cucpcakes by Bake-it-Yourself
But basically 3 different methods were taught ; Liquid Fondant, Fondant and Fluffy Icing.
The class is at the top level
Everything is need and well-prepared

Our instructor Steph show us how to prepare the liquid fondant.

Pretty Interesting!
I have never know of this method ...

So pretty right?
We were given cupcakes baked by the store for all our decoration needs.
Fondant flowers provided for decoration purposes!
These are mine, Pretty?
2nd method, FONDANT.
How to shave and shaped a cake!
COVER, which to me is the most difficult.
She also show us how to do a rose via our own hand, how cool is that!
Steph's flower is so pretty and dainty!
And she also show us a PRESS mould method for flowers fondant.
TOOLS provided.
We are supposed to do 3 fondant design; 1 2-tiered and 2 normal cupcake.
I decide to do a simple one with a bow.
This bow is not the one taught in class, but one I saw on YouTube! And I thought finally I can try it out myself!
I have to do alot of layer to COVER up the flaws of the fondant first layer wrapped hahaha!

I never know I can do such dainty work, my flower looks so delicate and pretty right?
I think I am the only one in class with white rose!
Last demostration, Fluffy icing via meringue powder.

These are my END products!
Our class effort!
My classmates, there are really a cool bunch!
All automatically help to wash and clean the work area, very helpful and enthusiatic lot.
Instructor steph is very patient and soft spoken.
Assistant Instructor Dawn on the extreme right is very soft-spoken and gentle too! I think I can never be a baker when I am so impatient, and LOUD hahahaha!
I wish I have the time to attend more such classes!

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