Saturday, May 5, 2012

A day out in Vivo City

Out to celebrate mil's mother's day!
She chose to go Suntec at first but the place was jampacked because of the Food and electronic fare so off we got to Vivocity!

Still there were alot of people there, and this girl infront of me caught my eye! When you wear something so nice, try to match the bra's design! Especially don't reveal a 肉色 straps with some pink at the sides. It is really a MAJOR TURNOFF!

Anyway Pil chosen to go Dian Xiao Er and I selected the Abundance Set.
The dish was GREAT, I love it!
This is Crocodile meat, real tender. I never thought Crocodile meat will test so tender. It was almost a cross between chicken and cod fish texture!
Of course the reason we are here is for the Herbal roast duck!
No matter how you eat cod fish, they taste GREAT!
Osmanthus Jelly was a surprised too at how subtle the taste are and not as sweet as I imagine them to be, just the way I like them. I have to sieve through recipes to get a great Osmanthus Jelly recipe!
After dinner, I spot Samsung Note! 
I want that for Mother's day ~
After Hub's family left we bought a piece of Awfully Chocolate cupcake for dessert!
Sinful and Expensive!
By the way, I love their plastic SPORK.
And ended the night with a romantic stroll down Sentosa Boardwalk!

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