Friday, May 4, 2012

Batam 2D1N 2012 @ Triniti Hotel

We bought a voucher from, because Hub told me he hasn't come to Batam before!! I have been to Batam a few times over the years! It was NO FUN but I like the seafood and massage thou, kekeke. I think we paid $49.00 for the voucher and another $27.00 for the ferry taxes; so $76.00 for a 2D1N trip each!

We have to wake up at 5.30am, leave the house by 6.30am and reached by 7.30am to collect our ferry tickets! We were right ON TIME, and still has time for breakfast ...

We were the first few to leave custom and has to wait for the rest of the group.
Some typical Keropok shop we HAVE to go!
Another CONFIRM to go shop, Kek Lapis.
We bought 2; one for his family and one for mine!
Before lunch we went for a massage.
I did a 2 hour body scrub and hubby has a 2 hour massage!
Seafood at 533 Restaurant, as usual.

Last stop at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall and we gotten a box of Indomie Mee goreng, hahaha!
JUMBO size!
At a local Hypemart
Of course my husband will definitely get his J.Co donuts!
Triniti Hotel is about a 3 minutes drive away from Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall!
It is a 2 star hotel, and everything is BARE minimum. We were first given a smaller room but the room smelt of Cigarette smoke badly so we changed room and was giving a BIGGER room but at 1st floor. The room was barely acceptable. The toilet is full of toilet/drain flies! It is so irritating, and makes the toilet looks damn UNHYGIENIC! Although they don't bite but I still suffered a few mosquitoes lookalike bites!
But the aircon is working VERY WELL!
After napping, we decided to go back to Nagoya Hill Mall for dinner.
It was like a 5-10minutes walk over to the shopping mall.
The most difficult part of the walk is the final street to cross over to the mall but we manage to make it over in ONE PIECE.

We decided on this cafe which sells local dishes, and one of the more crowded and busy cafe we see. So when there is a local crowd, you cannot go very wrong right?

We ordered some sides; a grilled chicken breast and 2 pieces of pandan chicken.
The Chilli kangkong is SO SHIOK!
Hub's Nasi goreng
And my Mee goreng!
It was SO GOOD, I was coughing so badly but I don't care. My tongue was cut so badly by strepsil but I don't care. A pity it was so painful to eat the dishes but I LOVE THEM!

And the this meal only cost us about SGD11.00!
WTH, I was still so worried we didn't have enough rupiah to pay.

I wonder why people from SG goes all the way to BATAM, Indonesia and have KFC or A&W instead of the cheap and authentic Indonesia food!?? I can stay in Batam and have Mee goreng EVERYDAY! Seriously A&W's waffle!?? Sometimes you cannot help but wonder, WHY!?
Our hotel from outside looks so grand!
The hotel provides breakfast but was nothing to blah about.
Wifi is available too but in the morning, WiFi and TV cable was DOWN! We were so disappointed because Hub is enjoying their Cable Channel, Celestial so much! That channel has so many new Chinese Movies. While I was so tired and knocked out, he was enjoying himself watching Chinese movies on a 27inch CRT TV!
The next day we reached the Jetty early and find ourselves a cafe to settle down and have lunch.
Bihun goreng
I ordered Mee Goreng AGAIN!
Hub has so much rupiah leftover, we decide to get some local tidbits for MrK! He is so kind to help us look after TOto, I bet he be so happy to see some hometown goodies!
Snooze, open eyes and reached~
And we reached home to LAKSA!
Mom's laksa is the BEST, and NO ONE can compare.
LOOK at the BIG ASS hums! 
I am seriously EXPLODING!
The input has NO TIME to output, I HAVE TO INPUT again!?
Luckily I lose some weight before I come back, but all the effort is GONE and I have to go back and work myself DOWN again!

More feasting to come tomorrow!!


  1. Actually was thinking of going for a short trip to Batam, but having second thoughts since you mentioned that there is nothing much there to see or shop.... but at least the food looks real yummmmmmy!!!!! ^^

    1. @Choonyen, for us is boring la. FOr adults usually goes for the massage, food and abit of shopping? Cheap getaway if you want massage. Get a better hotel with seasports? I think Harris now got a new wing to the hotel and they got 'shuttle' to a shopping mall too. At least your kids can do some stuffs in the hotel (think got childcare service), then you and hub can go for massage!!



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