Monday, May 14, 2012

Alot of Sun Rain in May

The weather is so unpredictable! 
One minute it is cooling and windy the next it becomes so warm; then you turn your head and it starts to rain! I walked out of the patio the checked out the weather with TOto, and decide to bring TOto out for a run. When we changed and decide to go out it rain so suddenly with the Sun shining brightly!
The raindrops are oddly huge!
Baked a comfort cake again!
Chocolate Chip Walnut Butter Cake
I used my new 7inch Square Pan and the cake turns out good! 
I whipped and folded the eggwhite so well, the cake rises high! But it still didn't baked within the given timeframe. I overbake for almost 30minutes!? Hmmmm, WHY!?
Nonetheless, the butter cake taste yummmieee.

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