Sunday, April 8, 2012

A wet Easter Sunday 2012!

Today is EASTER SUNDAY and we had planned to go for a few events around DFW area!
But atlas, when we wake up the weather was TOO GOOD to be true! It was breezy and cloudy and when I checked; there was rain in Dallas and Lewisville area. We have to cancel all our plans and stayed indoor. And the day become a full day of baking and cooking for moi!
First I tried to baked a cake and I accidentally burnt the walnut, although I managed to salvage half of the walnuts but there was still something wrong with the cake that I baked. But I just kept on baking them in the oven till they are set, and pray for the best.

And this picture is the reason why I hated baking ...
The mess they create AND you don't know what happens after you put your batter in the oven!

Then I started to prepare dinner, it has been such a long time since we had a proper 2 dishes 1 soup (两菜一汤). So today will BE THE DAY of a proper sit down meal together. I ended up having 3 dishes 1 soup!
Black bean sauce Carp fillet
For the Carp fillet
Ingredient : Carp fillet, Ginger and Spring onion.
Seasoning : Sesame oil, Black bean sauce, Dark Soy sauce, Soy sauce paste, Fish sauce, Chicken broth, Sugar and Salt.
Sauteed Pea Shoot with prawn in Oyster sauce and fish sauce.

But the most praised dish by hubbie, would be the BBQ Pork (Char Siew), the pork has been marinated for 1 FULL weeks and the Char Siew is indeed very 入味!

What happen to the cake?
In the end, the cake was edible but not to moi standard.
Oddly Hub likes the cake, he says it is very moist. The moisture was the reason the cake cannot set and I have to bake an extra 30 minutes on higher heat. But luckily I didn't waste the butter, 4 eggs, walnuts and chocolate chips!

It has been a BUSY day for me ...

And see what are my 2 boys doing!?
For most of day, they are BOTH in Lalalalalalalaland ...

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