Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random day in April 2012 ...

A few more days and I'll b back!

With my new JLo Cat's eye Sunglasses, "Chio" or not?
Having a simple lunch @ MacDonald
20pcs nuggets for USD4.99
1 large refillable ice-tea for USD1.00
Total USD5.99 for a filling lunch, CHEAP boh!
Got a 'auntie' bag for mommy dearest!
Auntish enough or not?
USD39.90 from Nine West
Crocs with 40% discount for mommy dearest too!
Sz 6, her feet BERY SMALL!
A Minnie Mouse blouse for moi!
Very Sweet Cantolupe for USD2.00 @ Walmart.
Thought I would have lost some weight but I bet I have gain MOST BACK with all the indulgences!

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