Friday, April 27, 2012

Local Hawker food - Week 1

@Bukit Timah Beautyworld Foodcourt
Hub finally has his favourite Lamb Soup!
@Queensway Shopping center
I have my Teh tarik and Laksa!
The Laksa there is so-so not fantastic!
If you nothing in my mind to eat and ask me, SUSHI will always be my 1 and only ANSWER!
A cup of coffee and chicken rice from the food-court right behind where I stay!
Our favourite CHICKEN RICE!
2 cup of Bubble teas cost us SGD6 buckaroos!??
What's the world becoming???
Felt like just being rob!
Tea break @ a food court in Bukit Batok where YQ has his favourite Oyster Egg and my Char kway teow!
Yum yum local food!
A cup of coffee is a delight too ...

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