Monday, April 30, 2012

Home made Almond Jelly!

Only 1 week in Singapore and I am coughing because of this equation 'Bad humid hot weather + Heaty food + non-stop chitchatting (throat) + not-enough-sleep/rest = Sore throat = Coughing"! Guess I cannot treat my body like when I am in my 20s whereby, I can go out at 9am, and walk/chat/la kopi till daybreak 6am! NOW, the body starts to be in PAUSE/Battery saving mode @ 12MN and then battery life starts to dwindle FAST. @ 3am, I just KNOCK out into a state of delirium no matter where I am, and it's better be HOME!

Hahahahaha, you don't want to admit old but somehow the state of your body will still BETRAY you!

Anyway this is for SHAR!
I am very reluctant to share this recipe because everything is 'agaration' and I do not have any measuring tools here in my Singapore home to measure ANYTHING! But still my gal-friends LOVE this dessert! Each time I am home, I made sure mom makes a batch for them.

The first DIE DIE must have ingredient.
SIM TECH HIANG almond syrup, this is a cough syrup and it is also a cooling drink if your body is too heaty! So no harm having this especially in Singapore when most people have 'heaty' body!
Please note this is a 650ML bottle!
Next ingredient FULL CREAM carnation evaporated milk!
If you are health concious maybe you can try other source of milk, but if you are HEALTH CONCIOUS seriously fxxxkit and don't even bother to have this dessert!

Note : 400g
It is always hard to get the SAME brand of agar agar!
But mom always say the 'swallow' brand but as we all know the swallow 10years ago, might not be the same 'swallow' now!
So I took note and this is to add 1400ml of water, I think we used 1250ml agar agar strips before and the agar agar turns out 'harder'? 

Ok, the next ingredient WATER!

Water is 12-13cups, not the MEASURING CUPS but more like any CUPS at my home that MY MOTHER can recognise and use! Ultimately; 12-13cups , 1400ml or 1250ml the final conclusion is the difference in texture. You won't go VERY WRONG with this 'concoction' of mom! So sometimes we get a tad harder agar agar, sometimes softer depending on the agar agar strips she gets and the size of the cups she use!
Add water into pot and boil the water with medium fire!
Mom says if fire too big, the water dries up. 
Erm ok lor ...
MOM says the water add looks abit too much! 
I always ask her to take down the correct measurement, she will say no need and each time she wonder will the agar agar set!
Make sure all agar agar strips melt till cannot SEE ANYTHING when you use a ladle to stir!
Even tiny specks of them will affect the end product ...
She says she use this ladle to scoop 6 scoops of sugar.
YA, like the whole world will have the same ladle she has!
When I QUESTION her about it, she says that is how she is BEING TAUGHT!
I told her, if she does that it is like she 'buay gam wan' (not happy/ not willing to) teach other people. She doesn't care, hahahaha. After everything melted nicely, add the almond syrup and evaporated milk. 

Mom says, if you want to boil them also can, if not when the mixture is warm can do too!
*Slap forehead*
Put aside to cool the mixture.
Prepare a sieve and empty container.
The sieving process is important, DIE DIE have to do that.
If not the agar agar will not be smooth.
Ya, I know the 'instruction' she gives is like she never give anything.

That is how I LEARN COOKING ...
Which my mom till THIS day refused to admit that she got teach but like never teach.

Do it at your own risk but the result will definitely be worth it.

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