Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Hour Lunch @ Japan House

We were waiting for the RIGHT moment to go to Japan House! 
And finally that 'moment' comes; Hub is not working and Japan House is having this Late Lunch Special!
$10.99 per pax for SUSHI Buffet!
We sent TOto into daycamp and wander around till 2.30pm!

There are only 2 types of Sashimi available ; Salmon and Red Snapper.
But it's alright, I only loves Salmon.
The Prawns Tempura are OMG so good!
Loves the Baked Mayo Mussels too!
Green bean ice with condensed milk.
My 3rd round or maybe 4th round?  
Heeeeeeee ~
The new fridge area for 'Pastries and Cakes'!
Loves their muah chee ...
Coffee Cake!
And fruits to end our buffet?
Sometimes they offer Lychee, and today they have longans!
Also on the menu are ice-cream at the end!

Will we come back again before we go back to Singapore?
This buffet is cheaper than ALOT of Japanese Sushi buffet in Singapore!

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