Saturday, April 7, 2012

Experimenting with Spices on fried rice!

I have all these different bottles of spices at home and doesn't has any inkling idea of how to exploit them. They are left sitting on the shelf! What a waste! And I have been experimenting on my fried rice and these combination are KILLER combi, even Hub has high praises for them and always finishes one very big plate without COMPLAINING that I have given him too much rice!
At first I only added curry powder, and it was nice but still very one dimensional, then I started to add cumin and I continue to add the rest of the spices and find that they blended very well to give a rather exotic taste to the rice. Well it is fried rice, you can do it ANYWAY you want right! 

In the end, this is the very LETHAL COMBO, muahahahahaha!
Curry powder, Orleans Cajun seasoning, Cumin, Paprika and Black Pepper!
And of course I added Thai fish sauce, sugar and salt too.
Ingredient : Marinated sliced Pork, sliced Red onion, diced Green pepper, chopped Spring onion,  minced Garlic, Spinach and Eggs.
All the goodness in one plate, easy peasy!
Yummmieee and the kitchen smells so niceeeeeeeeee!
Countdown to 2 more weeks!

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