Monday, April 30, 2012

Home made Almond Jelly!

Only 1 week in Singapore and I am coughing because of this equation 'Bad humid hot weather + Heaty food + non-stop chitchatting (throat) + not-enough-sleep/rest = Sore throat = Coughing"! Guess I cannot treat my body like when I am in my 20s whereby, I can go out at 9am, and walk/chat/la kopi till daybreak 6am! NOW, the body starts to be in PAUSE/Battery saving mode @ 12MN and then battery life starts to dwindle FAST. @ 3am, I just KNOCK out into a state of delirium no matter where I am, and it's better be HOME!

Hahahahaha, you don't want to admit old but somehow the state of your body will still BETRAY you!

Anyway this is for SHAR!
I am very reluctant to share this recipe because everything is 'agaration' and I do not have any measuring tools here in my Singapore home to measure ANYTHING! But still my gal-friends LOVE this dessert! Each time I am home, I made sure mom makes a batch for them.

The first DIE DIE must have ingredient.
SIM TECH HIANG almond syrup, this is a cough syrup and it is also a cooling drink if your body is too heaty! So no harm having this especially in Singapore when most people have 'heaty' body!
Please note this is a 650ML bottle!
Next ingredient FULL CREAM carnation evaporated milk!
If you are health concious maybe you can try other source of milk, but if you are HEALTH CONCIOUS seriously fxxxkit and don't even bother to have this dessert!

Note : 400g
It is always hard to get the SAME brand of agar agar!
But mom always say the 'swallow' brand but as we all know the swallow 10years ago, might not be the same 'swallow' now!
So I took note and this is to add 1400ml of water, I think we used 1250ml agar agar strips before and the agar agar turns out 'harder'? 

Ok, the next ingredient WATER!

Water is 12-13cups, not the MEASURING CUPS but more like any CUPS at my home that MY MOTHER can recognise and use! Ultimately; 12-13cups , 1400ml or 1250ml the final conclusion is the difference in texture. You won't go VERY WRONG with this 'concoction' of mom! So sometimes we get a tad harder agar agar, sometimes softer depending on the agar agar strips she gets and the size of the cups she use!
Add water into pot and boil the water with medium fire!
Mom says if fire too big, the water dries up. 
Erm ok lor ...
MOM says the water add looks abit too much! 
I always ask her to take down the correct measurement, she will say no need and each time she wonder will the agar agar set!
Make sure all agar agar strips melt till cannot SEE ANYTHING when you use a ladle to stir!
Even tiny specks of them will affect the end product ...
She says she use this ladle to scoop 6 scoops of sugar.
YA, like the whole world will have the same ladle she has!
When I QUESTION her about it, she says that is how she is BEING TAUGHT!
I told her, if she does that it is like she 'buay gam wan' (not happy/ not willing to) teach other people. She doesn't care, hahahaha. After everything melted nicely, add the almond syrup and evaporated milk. 

Mom says, if you want to boil them also can, if not when the mixture is warm can do too!
*Slap forehead*
Put aside to cool the mixture.
Prepare a sieve and empty container.
The sieving process is important, DIE DIE have to do that.
If not the agar agar will not be smooth.
Ya, I know the 'instruction' she gives is like she never give anything.

That is how I LEARN COOKING ...
Which my mom till THIS day refused to admit that she got teach but like never teach.

Do it at your own risk but the result will definitely be worth it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Local Hawker food - Week 1

@Bukit Timah Beautyworld Foodcourt
Hub finally has his favourite Lamb Soup!
@Queensway Shopping center
I have my Teh tarik and Laksa!
The Laksa there is so-so not fantastic!
If you nothing in my mind to eat and ask me, SUSHI will always be my 1 and only ANSWER!
A cup of coffee and chicken rice from the food-court right behind where I stay!
Our favourite CHICKEN RICE!
2 cup of Bubble teas cost us SGD6 buckaroos!??
What's the world becoming???
Felt like just being rob!
Tea break @ a food court in Bukit Batok where YQ has his favourite Oyster Egg and my Char kway teow!
Yum yum local food!
A cup of coffee is a delight too ...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to SG update and a buffet @ Suanthai

I finally touchdown and immediately rushed to my maternal grandma's funeral.
It was the last day and at least I was in time to send her off in a very traditionally done up coffin car. 
The funeral took up the afternoon.
In the evening, we met up with my girlfriends and we were off to my first BUFFET feasting. We bought  coupons from for a Thai Buffet from Suanthai restaurant @ Killiney road.
The asterix items only served once are the better items.
I was too tired and didn't ate much. I think I drank ALOT of the free flow lime juice! And I like the all the fish dishes too and the popiah. The worst dish was the GREEN curry, rather tasteless!
We cannot taste the Pineapple in the Pineapple rice so dissapointing. Overall the food is freshly prep, so the dishes are all very fresh. But the food served doesn't feel very 'THAI' more like tze char!

Overall just a OKOK Pass to me, thou cheap definitely not worth.
AND worst of all, I suffered so much mosquito bite in the restaurant!
And they charges 50ct per print if you forget to print your coupon from!

If I have a choice, I don't think I will go back again ...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random day in April 2012 ...

A few more days and I'll b back!

With my new JLo Cat's eye Sunglasses, "Chio" or not?
Having a simple lunch @ MacDonald
20pcs nuggets for USD4.99
1 large refillable ice-tea for USD1.00
Total USD5.99 for a filling lunch, CHEAP boh!
Got a 'auntie' bag for mommy dearest!
Auntish enough or not?
USD39.90 from Nine West
Crocs with 40% discount for mommy dearest too!
Sz 6, her feet BERY SMALL!
A Minnie Mouse blouse for moi!
Very Sweet Cantolupe for USD2.00 @ Walmart.
Thought I would have lost some weight but I bet I have gain MOST BACK with all the indulgences!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stir fry Mung-bean Vermicelli with PRAWNS!

Please note this is not 米粉 (Rice vermicelli), this is 冬粉 (Cellophane noodles, bean threads, bean thread noodles, crystal noodles, or glass noodles, mung-bean noodles). I have now 'master' the method of stir-frying and then braising the noodles in the wok.
Ingredients : 3 packet of Vermicilli, diced half red bell pepper, sliced half brown onion, 2 stalks of spring onion, 2 cloves of shallots, 3 eggs, 15 prawns, a few cloves of garlic, sliced cucumber, 11/3 cups of chicken broth.
The aromatics!
I realised the more aromatics you put into your dished, the more depth the dish would become! Of course you doesn't have to put in everything, but garlic and brown onion is a MUST!
The fresher the prawns the better, but my prawns not as fresh le.
Scramble the eggs and prawns to set aside.
Seasoning : 1 tbsp of Dark soy sauce, 1 tbsp of Fish sauce, 1 tsp Haochi MSG, 1.5 tbsp of sugar and dash of salt. (Add oyster sauce too if you like!)

The way I do it :
  • Add hot water to vermicelli, soak for 1-2minutes until soften; drain and drench with cold water, drain and set aside.
  • Add oil, scramble the eggs and set aside
  • Add oil, stir-fry the prawns to 70% and set aside.
  • In the existing work, add more oil if necessary and add in shallots and fry till light brown and add in garlic; follow by brown onion.
  • Pour in chicken broth and all seasoning.
  • Add in the prepared Vermicelli, stir to ensure all vermicelli soaks up the broth.
  • Add in scrambled eggs, prawns, red bell pepper and white part of spring onion.
  • High fire, cover and cook till all the sauce are fully absorb into all ingredients.
  • Dish and eat them with fresh crispy cucumber!

Top the dish off with the green part of the spring onion!
Hub and I agree; anythng with PRAWNS is yummmilicioussss!
Crispiness of the cucumber is very refreshing with the vermicilli!
Now I ask Hub which one of my dishes he likes best?
His answer is "炒冬粉"!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oyako Don ( 親子丼)

It has been a long time since I prepare my favourite chicken rice, Oyako-don!
Flying soon and I realised I have a few pieces of Chicken thigh meat left in my freeze and not much any other ingredients. Oyako-don is a very basic and yet yummy meal to prepare.

Marinate for chicken : Fish sauce, sugar and salt.
Ingredient : 3/4 cup of uncook Japanese rice, 2 pieces of Chicken thigh, sliced 1/2 Brown onion, 2 stalks sliced Spring onion and 2 eggs.
Seasoning : 3/4 cup of chicken broth, 1 tbsp mirin, 13/4 tbsp of Soy sauce, 1 tbsp of sugar and a dash of salt.
3/4 cup of japanese rice is for a one pax dinner.
The way I do it :
  • I pan-fry the whole piece of chicken thighs to about 70% cooked and then diced them, set aside.
  • Using the about 1 tbsp of the oil to fry the onion till tender and add in the chicken piece.
  • Continue to add in seasoning and bring them boil, cover and cook the chicken on high till chicken cooked (2-3minutes?)
  • Add in the 'white' part of the spring onion and pour in the 2 scramble the eggs when the pan is still boiling.
  • Switch off stove and cover the pan till egg cook. (If you are anal about uncook egg, then please continue to cook the egg till whatever degree you prefer.)
  • Serve it onto rice and sprinkle the 'green' part of the spring onion or seaweed (If you have).
I wonder why I didn't prepare them more often!
Even hub who doesn't like this type of soupy rice ,likes Oyako-don very much!
4 more days to Singapore airlines!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marble cake (Epic failure ~)

I have this highly-rated Marble cake recipe from House of Annie somewhere at the back of my mind. Finally I have the chance to bake a marble cake because I am trying to finish all the butter in my fridge. Annie's recipe calls for 6 eggs but I reduced the ingredients to a 4-eggs recipe. I didn't have yoghurt so I replaced them with Sour cream. I used Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate, bitter! And I replaced her cups measurement to grams, I don't like using cups for measurement; usually I will convert them to grams.
I have done a few baking recently and all cakes FAIL, I wonder is it the butter or is it the oven!? It seems that the cake wasn't fully bake at the given temperature and time! And the current marble cake fail too when it wasn't fully baked at 320C/50minutes. I have to increase the temperature to 350C/another 20-30minutes. And the cake gotten too dry!
The 'Chocolate' part is too dry but the vanilla batter was great!
I guess I shouldn't add that extra 1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder, and maybe more 'water/milk' to the chocolate batter!
Or maybe the butter are not the 'branded' butter (generic store brand) and are almost at expiry date! Hahahaha, I should get some branded European butter to give it a try AGAIN!
Nevertheless the marble cake are edible, not the best but they are good; abit dry thou.
Luckily butter cakes are always very forgiving and so we have Marble cake for breakfast for the next few days! After so much problems, I forget I have ugly marbling!!! Hahaha, I have to draw more lines to create a finer marbling! I wonder when is the next time I be trying out marble cake again!? I hope soon ...

Please note, the marble cake is not up to standard because of my lousy butter, oven and not because of Annie's wonderful recipe. I promise I try it out again SOON!! With better Butter of COURSE!

Adapted from House of Annie (4 eggs recipe)
225 gram (2 sticks) Salted butter
250 sugar
4 XL Eggs
1 Tsp vanilla extract
280 Self raising flour
85 gram Sour cream
85 gram Milk
70gram Chocolate
1/2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1. Preheat oven to 325 F.
2. Put chocolate in a dry, clean bowl and melt in microwave oven in 30-second intervals, stirring till you get a smooth paste. Remove and let cool a little.
3. In a hand mixer, cream together butter and sugar till mixture is fluffy and sugar has been cut in well.
4. Add eggs, one at a time. Scrape down before adding the next one.
5. Add the vanilla and mix to combine.
6. Using hand-whisk, add dry ingredients then wet then dry then wet in 3 portions each. Hand whisked, and scrape the side of bowl till all traces of flour is gone.
7. Take out half and put it into another bowl.
8. Add the melted chocolate and cocoa powder to half of batter and stir it in till there are no more streaks of white.
9. Scoop globs of vanilla batter with chocolate batter, drop batter into baking pan, one by one.
10. Using a chopstick, twirl the batter together using a figure-eight motion to mix the batter up to get that nice pretty marble design.
11. Smooth out the top ofthe cake pan and put cake in oven to bake. 350C for 50minutes (Adjust accordingly to individual oven).


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