Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tze Char Hor Fun (煮炒河粉)

Hor Fun is one dish I wish I can DIY at home because the ingredient are simple and I always have chicken broth at home! I have tired a few times and this is one time which is more successful but still I added too much of the noodle and the sauce cannot be seen, but Hub says it is TASTY! I guess another reason is I added an egg, and it absorb alot of the water.
Simple Ingredient I had at home.
Ingredient : Onion, Spring onion, minced garlic, sliced bak choy, prawns, fish slices and imitation crabmeat and chicken broth.
Seasoning : Oyster sauce,  soy sauce paste, Soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar and salt
I prefry the hor-fun with soy sauce and dark soy sauce. 
Taste-wise good but not enough sauce.
Reminder to self; either reduce kway teow OR increase soup. 

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