Monday, March 19, 2012

Trying to replicate HK Mee

I have been trying to replicate the Hong Kong Mee that I always eat in the coffeeshop just right across the street in my Singapore home. Those are the best and I can have them every night. But the recipe online varies and Hong Kong Mee has different meaning to different people! 

Well I tried tonight hoping after successfully preparing so many meals of 'chow mein', maybe tonight is the night!
Ingredient : Diced Char Siew, Diced Imitation crab, Egg, Shallot, Spring Onion, Brown Onion, Bak Choy (I replaced the coleslaw veggies with Bak Choy), Chow mein and minced garlic.

Seasoning : Dark Soy sauce, Chicken Broth, Sugar and Salt.
Firstly add the oil, garlic, shallot, brown onion. Then continue to throw in the char siew and the crab meat. Push everything aside and fry the egg by the side. Pour in the broth, making sure the liquid is enough to totally soak the noodle in the broth. Add in seasoning at this point. When the broth boil, add in the noodle and spring onion. Cover wok, and cook till broth dry up. Do, open wok to toss the noodle a few times. And when broth are dry up, served!

Hub commented the 口感 is great, best of the lot that I ever tried doing. Heee because I realised you really need to SOAK the noodle in the broth. TOTALLY soak them in the broth, the broth will dry up eventually.
But he says the noodle LACK one taste. I guess, I didn't use a 'salty' seasoning like the Oyster sauce or fish sauce. Maybe I should try again tonight because I still has Char Siew leftover; I don't want them to spoil in the fridge. 

Hopefully one day I can successfully replicate the HONG KONG MEE that I so LOVE!
But I supposed the ingredient in the mee sort of makeup for the lack of that ONE taste hubby mentioned!

PS : No buncto recently because I am preparing just bread for him, he says the usual lunch I prepare are too much for him. And the food made him drowsy in the afternoon hahaha.


  1. Looks yummy! what's the brand of noodles that you used? Is it the dry or wet type? Wish there's those yellow hokkien mee here but too bad, don't have.
    I usually use Filipino dry noodles called Pancit. The taste is nice, like ee fu noodles according to my hubby :)

    1. The brand is 嘉嘉 (Prime) and named Pan fried Noodle. I think some is just called Chow Mein. I tried the Lo mein ones too. Usually in the cold section. Lo mein ones are thicker if I rem correctly. And the previous post got a picture of the packaging.



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