Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stir Fry Garlic Chives with Pork

Initially I didn't have the intention to post this article because I thought it will not be successful. This is the first time, I am trying to fry Garlic Chives. And I really didn't know what to expect but I loves it when mom prepare them BUT she seldom prepare Garlic Chives, I wonder why!?

(Picture credit to : thaifoodandtravel)
Ingredient : Garlic Chives (Chopped into sections), Sliced Pork, Egg, Sliced Shittake Mushroom and Minced Garlic.
Marinate : Sesame oil, Soy sauce paste, Oyster sauce, Baking soda, Sugar and Salt.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, Sugar and Salt.
I scrambled the egg and set aside. Then flash fry the pork to 70% and set aside.
Add oil, follow by garlic, Garlic chives, shiitake mushroom. Make sure the Garlic chives has soften and continue to add in the egg and pork. Add seasoning.
I bet this dish will be better if I uses prawns, but well everything taste better with prawns!

Hub complained, I cooked too much, so we will see this dish in tomorrow lunchbox!

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