Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my KS is here!

This is my first Kate Spade!
Dazzle Dot Stevie in Charcoal.
I was still alittle scared that I might not like the bag that I only see online but when I see it, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Totally my style, hahahaha ~ But Hub doesn't really like it, he says I bought a M&M bag.

It came in a HUGE box, and top with a very nice wrapping paper.
TOto is a huge busybody, everytime something new come, he wants to duck his nose into the items!

I still 不舍得 open up the wrapping on the handle haahaha.
Finally TOto get bored of sniffing.
He is always very curious of anything with a leather smell!
Zipper is very IMPORTANT, for a 'Obasan' like me!
I always feels very insecure if my bag doesn't has a zipper.
Light colour inner lining means, everything can be found and seen easily hahaha.

Value for money!

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