Monday, March 5, 2012

Buncto - #70 Stir fry soy sauce paste Pork and Steam Bok Choy

I gotten a batch of very cheap picnic front leg pork last weekend! It was like 1+/lb but I think it was about 4lb+! So this whole week will be PORKY week!

And I got different veggies to go with them! 
I also gotten 2 different sauces; Soy sauce paste and Cincalok!

Let's see what I gotten today.
Soy sauce paste pork with Steamed bak choy and sunny side up!
I didn't cooked the Bak Choy with the meat, I just steamed them and placed them in the container. After preparing the meat I just drenched them over the Bak Choy.

For the pork
Marinate : Sesame oil, Potato Starch, Soy sauce, Sugar, Salt and Baking soda.
Ingredient : Pork, Minced garlic and Sliced onion.
Seasoning : Soy sauce paste, Potato Starch Solution, Chicken broth, Sugar and Salt.
Taiwanese people tells me Soy sauce paste are  more flavourful than Soy sauce. I think Soy sauce paste are like Oyster sauce but taste less 'sweet'. I should have added some Oyster sauce for the '鲜甜' taste and maybe a little pepper too! Well, I still have ALOT of pork in the fridge! 

Pork is really VERY easy and fast too! I have to stop all preparation to wait for the rice to cook before I prepare the pork! Everything should be done within half and hour. Simple and yummmy!
Cincalok next?

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