Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home cooked : Fish Hor-fun (Flat rice noodle)

Finally I summon enough courage to try fish hor-fun!
This is the 2nd time I tried them, the first time was a edible but it was a big mess. At my first trial, I added the hor-fun before the last step of adding Potato Starch Solution. So in the end, hor-fun was overcooked. 

The 2nd time I know better ...
Ingredient : Fish fillet, Imitation crab meat, Hor-fun, Spring onion, and Minced garlic.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, Potato starch solution, Haochi seasoning, Sugar and salt.
I prepare the horfun by stir frying them in oil and soy sauce paste and set aside. 
Then flash fry the fish and set aside.

Add oil to wok, add minced garlic follow by spring onion, and continue with Imitation crabmeat and the fish fillet. Then add Chicken broth and seasoning. Drench them over hor-fun and serve.
I guess if I do it again, I should increase my Potato Starch to make the stock thicker ...

But nevertheless it was still consider yummmy for home-made hor-fun!
Maybe Seafood will be easier to prepare? 

Soon ~

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