Friday, March 23, 2012

Buncto - #76 Stir fry Broccoli and Pork

Simple ingredient, great taste.
I think Fish sauce, Soy sauce paste and Oyster sauce are a LETHAL COMBO! They taste great with ANYTHING meat or maybe just pork or chicken or BEEF? But I love the saltiness and sweetness of this combo.
Marinate : Sesame oil, Soy sauce paste, Sugar, Salt and Baking soda.
Ingredient : Pork, Brocolli, minced Garlic and sliced Spring onion.
Seasoning :  Fish sauce, Soy sauce paste, Oyster sauce, Water, Sugar, Salt and Potato Starch Solution.
And the egg is actually Cincalok egg with Sliced brown Onion and Spring onion.
Smell so nice, yum yum.
I can take a break for the weekend.

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