Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buncto - #74 Char Siew Pork Rice (Honey braised Charred Pork)

I asked Hubbie whether he is BORED with Char Siew yet and he say 'No'! 
So I wanted to try again and see whether I can prepare them in a short span of time! And believe it or not, the cooking time just took about 25minutes including the Charring stage! And washing up is a breeze because there is only one wok! 

Char Siew rice that are taken for granted in Singapore is a DELICACY here, hahaha.
I didn't prepare alot just 4 pieces of them ...
But I marinated them for 2 nights.
The marinate infused well, and the pork looks reddish without any colouring.
I am on a DIET, so Hub get to eat EVERYTHING by himself.
But once I lose all the weight I want, I am going to gorge myself with CHAR SIEW ...

I Can't help it but here is one more and last Char Siew Rice's photo before I go.

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