Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buncto - #71 Homemade Char Siew sauce fried rice!

What should I do with overnight Char Siew?
Char siews are not as tender, chewy after being left overnight in the fridge but if they are fried together with rice; divine! Especially now I have ALOT of homemade Char Siew sauce to go with the rice!!!

If we get Char Siew from restaurants, they don't give out Char Siew sauce.
Ingredient : Overnight rice, Sliced onion, Chopped Spring onion, Minced garlic, Diced celery, Diced hotdog, Diced Char siews, egg and Coleslaw veggies.
These are the last of my char siew.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, Sugar, Salt and lots of Char siew sauce.
Taste just like Mom's!

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