Friday, March 2, 2012

Buncto - #69 Tuna and Egg Sandwich & Chocolate Mousse Cake!

I wanted to prepare Fish & Horfun but then it would taste so much better if he can eat them right out of WOK. So I prepared something simple for him to bring and hopefully filling enough to last him throughout the day.

I prepared Egg  Mayonnaise  and Tuna Mayonnaise and dump in all sandwiches veggies I can find in the fridge.
Ingredients : Wholewheat white bread, Tuna Mayonnaise, Egg Mayonnaise, Avocado, Onion, Ham, Cheese & Tomato.
Let see how I fare in the CAKE department yesterday!
When I saw the Chocolate Cake, I was thinking, "HOW UGLY!" and it tasted "errmmmmm" too ...
It was too sweet and too bitter for my liking.
I sort of have the,'I GIVE UP' idea.
But I stubbornly continue and try to finish as much with what I planned.
I intended to drench a layer of Chocolate Ganache but decided against and after 3 hours, this is what I have after I unmold my baking pan.

My Jaw almost DROP!
Looks good and the Chocolate whipped cream mousse sets well. I thought I had under-beaten my whipped cream but apparently that was the 'CORRECT' consistency for mousse.
And the different layer looks good too right, hahahaha.
'Heavier' cake are easier to slice.
But there is this bitter taste in the cake and I cannot understand why! 

While baking, I googled some website and was misinformed about the weight of the Cocoa powder which explains the bitterness of the cake. Yesterday night, I keep looking through the recipe and in the end I realised 3/4cup of Cocoa is 65gram instead of the 95gram I am using. When it show 95gram, my subconscious is already SHOUTING to me *Beep beep, red light*! But I didn't trust it and continue. I should have trusted my inner instinct

*SLAP forehead*
But why the cake looks so ugly!? I wonder ...

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