Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pork Hor Fun (猪肉炒河粉)

Finally I prepare a decent plate of Hor fun for Hubby today!
There is enough sauce and everything looks good and smell good.
Ingredient : Marinated Pork, Bak Choy, Green Pepper, Onion, minced Garlic and Egg.
Seasoning : Soy sauce paste, Oyster sauce, Fish sauce, Chicken Broth, Potato Starch Solution, Sugar and Salt.

The only CON, I think I didn't prepare ENOUGH!
I wish I could have MORE.
Tomorrow I prepare SEAFOOD Horfun again!

Practice MAKES perfect!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Buncto - #77 Homemade Chicken Ham Spaghettini

Hub has been 'complaining' that it has been a long time since I prepare Spaghetti for him.
So there you go with my homemade chicken ham.

Simple Ingredient.
Ingredient : Homemade Chicken Ham, Olives, Brocolli, Onion and Garlic.

Cook with Olive oil, salt, pepper, dried parsley and chicken broth. 
And for the final touch drizzle mozzarella cheese on top.
* Viola *
I hope they doesn't dry up by afternoon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tze Char Hor Fun (煮炒河粉)

Hor Fun is one dish I wish I can DIY at home because the ingredient are simple and I always have chicken broth at home! I have tired a few times and this is one time which is more successful but still I added too much of the noodle and the sauce cannot be seen, but Hub says it is TASTY! I guess another reason is I added an egg, and it absorb alot of the water.
Simple Ingredient I had at home.
Ingredient : Onion, Spring onion, minced garlic, sliced bak choy, prawns, fish slices and imitation crabmeat and chicken broth.
Seasoning : Oyster sauce,  soy sauce paste, Soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar and salt
I prefry the hor-fun with soy sauce and dark soy sauce. 
Taste-wise good but not enough sauce.
Reminder to self; either reduce kway teow OR increase soup. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Buncto - #76 Stir fry Broccoli and Pork

Simple ingredient, great taste.
I think Fish sauce, Soy sauce paste and Oyster sauce are a LETHAL COMBO! They taste great with ANYTHING meat or maybe just pork or chicken or BEEF? But I love the saltiness and sweetness of this combo.
Marinate : Sesame oil, Soy sauce paste, Sugar, Salt and Baking soda.
Ingredient : Pork, Brocolli, minced Garlic and sliced Spring onion.
Seasoning :  Fish sauce, Soy sauce paste, Oyster sauce, Water, Sugar, Salt and Potato Starch Solution.
And the egg is actually Cincalok egg with Sliced brown Onion and Spring onion.
Smell so nice, yum yum.
I can take a break for the weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Buncto - #75 Simple Stir fry Cabbage

My refrigerator always have a head of cabbage because they can be kept in the fridge real long, and one of my to-go veggies other than broccoli. So to make things simple, I decide to prepare this dish for his lunch. I am real lazy.
Ingredient : Sliced Cabbage, Diced Imitation Crabmeat and Minced Garlic.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, Sugar and Salt.
Same wok, first the egg, then the hotdogs and continue with the veggies.

A very cheap and very filling lunchbox.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my KS is here!

This is my first Kate Spade!
Dazzle Dot Stevie in Charcoal.
I was still alittle scared that I might not like the bag that I only see online but when I see it, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Totally my style, hahahaha ~ But Hub doesn't really like it, he says I bought a M&M bag.

It came in a HUGE box, and top with a very nice wrapping paper.
TOto is a huge busybody, everytime something new come, he wants to duck his nose into the items!

I still 不舍得 open up the wrapping on the handle haahaha.
Finally TOto get bored of sniffing.
He is always very curious of anything with a leather smell!
Zipper is very IMPORTANT, for a 'Obasan' like me!
I always feels very insecure if my bag doesn't has a zipper.
Light colour inner lining means, everything can be found and seen easily hahaha.

Value for money!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stir Fry Garlic Chives with Pork

Initially I didn't have the intention to post this article because I thought it will not be successful. This is the first time, I am trying to fry Garlic Chives. And I really didn't know what to expect but I loves it when mom prepare them BUT she seldom prepare Garlic Chives, I wonder why!?

(Picture credit to : thaifoodandtravel)
Ingredient : Garlic Chives (Chopped into sections), Sliced Pork, Egg, Sliced Shittake Mushroom and Minced Garlic.
Marinate : Sesame oil, Soy sauce paste, Oyster sauce, Baking soda, Sugar and Salt.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, Sugar and Salt.
I scrambled the egg and set aside. Then flash fry the pork to 70% and set aside.
Add oil, follow by garlic, Garlic chives, shiitake mushroom. Make sure the Garlic chives has soften and continue to add in the egg and pork. Add seasoning.
I bet this dish will be better if I uses prawns, but well everything taste better with prawns!

Hub complained, I cooked too much, so we will see this dish in tomorrow lunchbox!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Trying to replicate HK Mee

I have been trying to replicate the Hong Kong Mee that I always eat in the coffeeshop just right across the street in my Singapore home. Those are the best and I can have them every night. But the recipe online varies and Hong Kong Mee has different meaning to different people! 

Well I tried tonight hoping after successfully preparing so many meals of 'chow mein', maybe tonight is the night!
Ingredient : Diced Char Siew, Diced Imitation crab, Egg, Shallot, Spring Onion, Brown Onion, Bak Choy (I replaced the coleslaw veggies with Bak Choy), Chow mein and minced garlic.

Seasoning : Dark Soy sauce, Chicken Broth, Sugar and Salt.
Firstly add the oil, garlic, shallot, brown onion. Then continue to throw in the char siew and the crab meat. Push everything aside and fry the egg by the side. Pour in the broth, making sure the liquid is enough to totally soak the noodle in the broth. Add in seasoning at this point. When the broth boil, add in the noodle and spring onion. Cover wok, and cook till broth dry up. Do, open wok to toss the noodle a few times. And when broth are dry up, served!

Hub commented the 口感 is great, best of the lot that I ever tried doing. Heee because I realised you really need to SOAK the noodle in the broth. TOTALLY soak them in the broth, the broth will dry up eventually.
But he says the noodle LACK one taste. I guess, I didn't use a 'salty' seasoning like the Oyster sauce or fish sauce. Maybe I should try again tonight because I still has Char Siew leftover; I don't want them to spoil in the fridge. 

Hopefully one day I can successfully replicate the HONG KONG MEE that I so LOVE!
But I supposed the ingredient in the mee sort of makeup for the lack of that ONE taste hubby mentioned!

PS : No buncto recently because I am preparing just bread for him, he says the usual lunch I prepare are too much for him. And the food made him drowsy in the afternoon hahaha.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stir-fried Pork & Bak Choy with Black Bean Sauce chow mein

Trying to finish the leftover in the fridge.
I don't have a liking to Bak Choy, I wonder why. And we want to buy them we have to at least get 6 stalks of them! And if only Hub is eating, at most I prepare 2 stalks because I don't like them. So I just add them into his fried chow mein!
Ingredient : Sliced pork, 1 stalk of Bak choy, 3 Shiitake mushroom, Spring onion, Onion and Chow mein. Marinate : Soy sauce, baking soda, sugar and salt.
Seasoning : Black bean sauce, Soy bean sauce, Chicken broth, sugar and salt
Hub comments that the noodle is abit bland, I think I added TOO MUCH noodle hahaha!
He says the 'chow mein' is for 3pax!
But he mentioned the pork is good.
Learnt my lesson; I should add more broth to simmer the noodle so that the noodle can soak in the black bean sauce.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Castella Cake aka カステラ Kasutera

Castella Cake has very simple ingredient list, and I think everyone should have these ingredients at home; ermmmm maybe not cake flour but I did see alot of people using just general All-purpose flour. Well the basic ingredient used are; Eggs, bread flour or All-purpose flour, Honey and sugar. But some varies with milk and mirin.

As far I as I see online, there are 2 different method to prepare a Castella Cake.

1) Whipped egg yolk + egg white on warm water (double boiler method) to stabilise the whipped eggs.
2) Beat the egg white to firm peak and add the yolk one by one.

I choose the latter.
It is mentioned that this is not a BASIC level cake so I am a tad worried!
But I manage to pull it through and in the end and I chose the recipe from Betty. Her instruction is very clear and the video link is very clear and easy to follow.
Preparation of the ingredient is SOOOOOOOOOOO SIMPLE!
The egg yolks is so pretty!
I have TO CONCENTRATE on the egg white beating, and the mixing so I cannot take photographs until the batter is sent into the oven!

Successfully with all the PREP work and send it in the OVEN, phew ~
I so scared I would FAIL at the egg white stage ...
I only has a 8 inch square pan, I guess it is too short.
Should have just use my usual round pan.
Nevertheless the cake come out looking good.
But I have another worry, I scare the middle was unbake or it might collapse or whatever can go wrong will go wrong. SO at this stage, I still cannot be too happy.

Waiting game starts ...
TOto is begging for attention ...
OR he is waiting for CRUMBS to fall off the table?
After cooling and unwrapping, I still cannot see what is inside!
The instruction is to WRAP them and throw them into the fridge.
The cake is unlike AP flour cake, it is bouncy and firm to the touch.
I cannot wait till the next day, and I unwrapped and starts SLICING.
OMG, they looks good! 
I don't know how to explain the chewy-ness and the fragrance but it sure taste good. NOPE, it isn't butter cake. YOU REALLY have to try and taste it yourselves!

I wish I can be in JAPAN and test out the REAL thing!
I read this are very common and sold EVERYWHERE ...

A ugly piece for Hub to snack on ...
There is a green tea Castella Recipe out there, I  might try it soon; after Hub finishes ALL the castella cake!
Ingre­di­ents from Betty.
5 Egg Yolks
4 Egg White
125 g Granulated Sugar
100 g Bread Flour (I sifted twice)
15 g Turbinado Sugar (didn't use this)
50 g Honey (I dilute with 2tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of mirin)
  • Pre­pare pan: line insides and bot­tom of pan with foil and add a piece of parch­ment paper onto the bot­tom, sprin­kle with turbinado sugar.
  • Pre­heat oven to about 325 F / 160 C.
  • Place egg whites in mix­ing bowl and mix with a mixer on high speed for about 30 sec­onds and start adding sugar in 2 — 3 times. Beat until firm peaks are formed.
  • Add yolks one by one and mix on low speed until well combined whisk by hand.
  • Add sifted bread flour and mix on low speed until just combined whisk in a folding action by hand.
  • Add honey and hot water mix­ture and mix on low speed until mixed whisk in a folding action by hand .
  • Pour bat­ter through a sieve into cake pan, use a spat­ula or whisk to help the thick bat­ter go through the sieve. (MUST DO, I SAW alot of dregs on the sieve.)
  • Tap pan on the counter to remove any large bub­bles in the batter.
  • Bake in pre­heated oven for about 60 min­utes or until golden brown on top — check with a skewer to see if cake is ready. ( I bake using 320F/60minutes)
  • If ready, take out of oven (with oven mitts) and drop the pan on the counter from about a foot in height to pre­vent shrinkage.
  • Cool cake. Revert cake onto a piece of parch­ment paper and plas­tic wrap, remove foil and wrap in plas­tic wrap until ready to serve (at least overnight) to pre­serve mois­ture in cake (leave upside down).
Click on for references and video.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buncto - #74 Char Siew Pork Rice (Honey braised Charred Pork)

I asked Hubbie whether he is BORED with Char Siew yet and he say 'No'! 
So I wanted to try again and see whether I can prepare them in a short span of time! And believe it or not, the cooking time just took about 25minutes including the Charring stage! And washing up is a breeze because there is only one wok! 

Char Siew rice that are taken for granted in Singapore is a DELICACY here, hahaha.
I didn't prepare alot just 4 pieces of them ...
But I marinated them for 2 nights.
The marinate infused well, and the pork looks reddish without any colouring.
I am on a DIET, so Hub get to eat EVERYTHING by himself.
But once I lose all the weight I want, I am going to gorge myself with CHAR SIEW ...

I Can't help it but here is one more and last Char Siew Rice's photo before I go.


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