Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Celebration!

Let's SEE what I did the WHOLE DAY!
I baked a cake; a Japanese Christmas cake ...
It was yummmilicious!
I try to follow Francis's instruction to the TEE in "Cooking with the dog" youtube video.
But I was too lazy to prepare the bag to decorate the cake so I just smear on the Whipped cream!
Both of us love it, and we ate almost HALF the cake in one day.
Not forgetting that I continue to prepare our Valentine's Day DINNER!
We are having LOBSTER'S TAIL!
Everywhere is selling them for; 4 for USD20.00!
Everything looks good right, but it was a LONG LONG DAY of washing and clearing up.

Valentine's Day Menu : Baked Lobster, Baked Veggies Casserole and Potato Egg Salad.
First is the CAKE ...
I really don't mind BAKING, but I really hate all the washing up after baking!
Then is the dinner ...
I steamed the lobster to 60% cooked.
I prepare a veggies casserole instead of the normal salad using the recipes from Followthecook.
But I added Zucchini as well, oddly we both love to eat Zucchini.
It was surprisingly yummmy, and Hubs love them too!
I didn't have parmesan cheese for the roux, I added Mozarella hahaha ...
And for the steamed lobster, I topped them with the veggies roux, mayonnaise, mozarella cheese, and cheddar cheese and continue to baked them for 15-20minutes/370F. 
What did you do for Valentine's Day!?


  1. woo, the cake looks so nice. Make me wanna bake one too! :D Happy Valentine's Day!!!!



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