Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A mango cake, sambal seafood and Cuttlefish soup

Didn't manage to wake up today for Hub's lunchbox, hahaha. 
So I have a 'free pass' today!
Let's see what I did yesterday ...

Bought a feel so 'SPRING' jeans last weekend! Hub asked whether I need to get such BRIGHT colour jeans? Haha, the fit was good, and we need some BRIGHT colours to feel and look younger right?
IN the afternoon, I continue to try out a mousse cake recipe but it failed miserably~
It becomes a CREAM cake!
I think the mango puree most people bought are very fine and watery?
I used Canned mangoes to puree and achieved a very different result!
PLUS the fresh mango that I bought are not sweet enough.
But it was still edible~
And my these are both my favorite dish!

Sweet Sambal Seafood with egg.

And my favourite Dried Cuttlefish soup!
Yesterday was indeed a very FULL-filling day!

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