Thursday, February 2, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #50 Cajun Chicken Kebab and Dirty Rice!

Seems like we will be having a EARLY SPRING in 2012! 
Well, it feels very SPRING where I am now.

Today's menu : Cajun Seasoning Chicken and Veggie Kebab, Tomatoes slices and Turkey Bacon Dirty Rice.

Wow, looks so PROFESSIONALLY done right!
Ingredient : Chicken Thigh, Zucchini, Shitake, and Cajun Seasoning salt.
Gather all the ingredients for use.
Sliced, quartered and stick them together, spread butter on stick, then pepper the Cajun Seasoning generously.
Baked the sticks of Kebabs @ 350F for 15-20minutes.
Continue to prepare Dirty Rice according to instruction, using Turkey Bacon and the leftover veggies.
I wish I took a bite, I forget again and just packed it away.
The usual lunch box I used is too small, luckily I bought a new Lock&Lock Bisfree Oval Tableware Container from And everything fit just nice! I think this new container would be easier for Hubs to maneuver his way inside the lunchbox hahaha!
I will have to wait till evening for Hub's review of the new Lock&Lock Bisfree Oval Tableware Container.

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