Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Buncto - #67 Celery, Carrot and Imitation Crabmeat with Hotdog

It was so difficult to wake up today but I proscrastinated till the very last minute and realized I absent-mindedly placed the beef in the Freezer last night! And at the last minute I throw in this this dish which is a do-over. I remember, Buncto - #32 Simple Stirfry was the first time I was trying out slurry. It was a mess and the slurry was too thick and glooey! 

But now I can slurry very well ...
Ingredient : Sliced Celery , Sliced Carrot, Imitation Crabmeat and minced garlic.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, Potato Starch Solution, Sugar, and salt. 
Simple but very healthy right?
Recently Texas just feels very spring! 
The weather is so good it felt just like a windy day in Singapore.
The weather is so good, I can walked TOto in my birkenstocks!
I didn't even see the flower budding last week, but all the flower blooms over the weekend!
Loves SPRING but Spring brings Pollen ALLERGY!

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