Friday, February 17, 2012

Buncto - #61 Tonkatsu Japanese Curry

TOto was vomitting throughout the night and I didn't sleep well. TOto would whine for us to wake up and help him to the corner to vomit at the pee pad. So I try to checkup on him as much as I could. 

This is one of Hub favourit-est dish combined!
Today's Menu : Pork Cutlet and Japanese Curry.
I prepare the cutlet the night before and left it in the fridge.
The next day morning, I chopped up all the Japanese Curry Ingredient.
Put all veggies to cook with Chicken Broth and add Japanese Curry Cube, total cooking time 25minutes.
And continue to Pan-fry Pork Cutlet.
I tried the Pork Cutlet it was good!
Crispy, tender and juicy.


  1. oh poor thing! Hope Toto is feeling better already.

    1. Thanks for the concern. Still vomiting the next day. Dunno what to do, have to wait it out. Hopefully he gets better soon ...



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