Monday, February 20, 2012

Buncto - #62 Cajun Fish Fillet & Sautéed Pea Shoots

I thought I would have Char Siew for a few days but my Hub finished them in ONE DAY!
Freaking 1lb++ of Pork Butt for 2pax finished in ONE DAY!
I thought I would have Char Siew leftover for me to try out Char Siew Bao.
Anyway, let's move on, I would definitely prepare Char Siew again.

Today's menu : Cajun pan-fry fish,  Sauteed Pea Shoots with Shiitake Mushroom and Sunny side up.
Let's see what I did, erm dry and then floured and sprinkled the fish fillet with cajun seasoning, and simple panfry the fillet. Sauteed the Diao miao with Shittake Mushroom, garlic and seasoned them with Oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and salt.
Looks so healthy, hahaha.
Yesterday, after Braising the Char Siew, I baked a Simple Chocolate Chip Butter Walnut cake right away.
I feel so OBASAN!
So this is Hub's breakfast and lunch.
I am getting good at this right!
Erm, cross finger the fish is cooked; hahahaha ...


  1. The butter cake looks good. I've tried to bake butter cake twice but both times it turned out dry and stiff. Is your butter cake the buttery type? Can you share your recipe? I would like to try it again! I use a loaf pan instead of a round baking tin. Do you think it's ok?

    Thanks! :)

    1. I can just eat walnut cake for the rest of my life hahaha. Used to LOVE Bengawan SOlo walnut cake but it is so expensive! I have uploaded a few walnut cake i think, and they all seems different everytime, I wonder why hahaha.

      my first time >>

      the few time I did it, always different result hahaha >>

      Original recipe from >>

      Is it the type of butter you used?
      I think those European type butter taste so much better; like lurpak and Plugra (with salt hor). I prefer those with salt, those that need to add salt doesn't take the same.

      Usually I used a bigger surface cake pan and the cake is very short. I very scared of using the tall type, my cake always end up not cooked thorough.

      Hope u like the recipe, my standard very low. This is good enough for me le. Hope u like them!

  2. Thanks! I will try it out n let u know the outcome :)



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