Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Buncto - #59 Scallion Beef

Hmmmm yesterday, my Hub came home to tell me he forget Vday which ends my 2012 Vday feeling very dejected. Well it is not the first EMPTY Vday and I shouldn't have that little hope that this year will be different. But anyway, life goes on ...

Today I had a hard time waking up, and just want to stay in bed so that I can punish Hub for forgetting Vday. What a LAME excuse. But I still woke up and prepare his lunch. 

Today's menu : Scallion Beef and a Sunny-side-up.
Although the beef is already sliced, I still have to sliced it thinner and smaller.
Initially, I had wanted to get Beef Flank BUT it was such a BIG piece, so I ended up getting the pre-sliced specially packaged for Stir Fry. I prepare 2 meal out of USD4.03.
Today's ingredient is simple.
Marinate : Soy sauce, Sesame oil, Potato starch, Sugar and A dash of baking soda.
Ingredient : Sliced Beef, Scallion/Spring onion, Sliced ginger, and Smashed garlic.
Seasoning : Oyster sauce, Sesame oil, Chinese rice wine, Chicken broth, Sugar, Salt and Potato starch solution.
Big fire, flash fry beef slices to 70% cooked and set aside.
Add oil, fry garlic and ginger till abit char and continue to add spring onion till abit char too.
Quickly add in beef, then seasoning and broth. 
When water boil, add Potato starch solutions and close fire.
The AROMA is overwhelming.
My Hub wakes up complaining the whole house smells of 铁板鹿肉.
And when he tasted it, he says they taste like 铁板鹿肉. THAT is a COMPLIMENT right. He is so right, when the beef is right out of the wok, it is so much softer. But leave it to cool the meat toughen abit but still edible.
This is my 武林密集 for meat, but I didn't follow exactly!
Some changes here and there, but his book is really a good guide.
It was yummmmmmieeeee.

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