Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buncto - #58 Black Bean garlic beef

Today is the actual Valentine's day! My FB is chocked full of girlfriends' 'Showing off' their Valentine's Day. Yeah I am jealous because my Hub is just a piece of wood. But there is another 14hours to go, so maybe I should give him another 14hrs of chance. Let's just wait and see if there is anything from him.

Well todays's menu, Black Bean Garlic Beef.
I have been wanting to learn this dish because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dish, especially the one sold in GEYLANG, Singapore. But that store is close like donkey's years ago and I hadn't had one even taste close. But this is my take on this dish.
I hadn't had time to marinate the beef which I should have done it yesterday night.
Marinate : Soy sauce, sesame oil, potato starch, salt and a dash of baking soda.
Ingredient : Green pepper, Shittake mushroom, Beef and Minced garlic.
Seasoning : Black bean garlic sauce, Salted bean, Chicken broth, Potato starch solution, Sugar and Salt.
I tried abit, it is no-where near the restaurant sold type but serve it for rice it is good enough for me!
Well, practice made perfect!
More beef to be served ...


  1. i ate before a version with bitter melon... v nice!
    btw, which cut of beef should be used for this kind of stir fry? i always end up with very tough beef slices... :-(

    1. I read online use beef flank. But most of the flank damn big piece. This batch, I bought from walmart, it is sliced horizontally and already specifically stated on the packet, for STIR FRY! This is not very restaurant soft too. Don't know is it I didn't marinate long enough, hmmm. Still got another batch to try for tomorrow :)

  2. Thanks for the info! I think i will go costco look see this weekend... if have then buy it, slice and divide into portion n freeze it... haha...

    Today the pan you have is on Happy Hour for $17++ I bought that with the last of my gift card... my green ceramic one was kinda "destroyed" by hubby when he use too high heat to "BBQ" his steak... :-( now got one big patch near the middle that is no longer non-stick... so sad la!

    1. Ya i saw the deal, this is better than calphalon lo. This red wok, I bought 1 and got 1 from locklock supporter program. Calaphon warp very easily when I use the ceramic stove. This locknlock quite study ur hub still manage to damage that hahaha. He so funny la, this type of non-stick pan cannot so high heat because of the Teflon surface bah! Keke ~

  3. oh... i've been waiting for the happy hour to start selling pans... i want to replace mine... easy to clean, so i am happy!

    happy call pan looks good but very ex here lei... almost US$100. But if i buy from korea gmarket and ship... the shipping is more ex than the pan! end up also about $100. Will see if my bro wanna come again, ask him to buy! :-p

    1. Wah so ex ar! Haha hopefully by the time i go back in June price drop le keke~



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