Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buncto - #53 Chow Mein & Fried Popiah

Just a LAZY day!
Leftover 'Chow mein' in the fridge, stir fry together with Imitation Crab. 
Throw in a Sunny-side-UP and a few Microwaved Tyson Anytizers.
Yummmieeeee but don't know whether it will get too dry during lunch time.

Yesterday night, my Fried Popiah Experiment finally is successful, it is actually quite easy!
Next time I be just using cabbage hahaha, not that much of slicing to do.

I used Jicama, carrot, garlic and dried shrimps.
Seasoned with Fish sauce, sugar and salt.

The way I LIKE them!
Yummmmmieeee ~



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