Friday, February 3, 2012

Buncto - #51 Turkey Bacon wrapped Patties

I was very unhappy about how the previous preparation for #49 Beef Patties and Potato Egg Salad went, so I decide to have a go at it again! Erm, the REAL reason is because I still have leftover minced beef and turkey so I just thought of using up the leftovers hahaha!

Almost the same but slightly different with the patties.
And today I have better luck with my Potatoes and Eggs!
My meat patties has Minced beef and Minced turkey wrapped with Turkey bacon.
And I controlled the fire so much better haha no more burnt meat!
Looks good huh!
And all these leftover Potatoe-Eggs salads all to MYSELF!
Tell me how NOT TO BE FAT!?
I wonder how I did but I will have to wait for the reviews tonight!
But one thing for sure the Potatoes-Eggs Salad I LIKEY!

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