Sunday, February 19, 2012

Braised Scorched Char Siew in a WOK

Yeah I finally did it, I have always wanted to do this since like a few years ago!!! But I don't seems to be able to see the type of marbled pork meat I wanted. It is recommended PORK BELLY but what to do with the SKIN and it will be too OILY right? Loin are too skinny which will leave the meat DRY! And I finally found the Marbled Pork Butt that I wanted, @ Walmart!
I always thought that home cooked Char Siew can only be Baked for the charred effect, luckily I researched one more time and found's Char Siew tip! Who know you can braised Char Siew and still get that charred/scorched effect!? I decide to take the risk because I thought braising the meat will give the meat a more tender bite than oven-baking them.
Ingredient : 1lb+ Pork Shoulder Butt
Marinate : Maltose, Honey, Hoisin, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Dark Soy Sauce, Sesame oil, 5 Spice Powder, and salt.
Don't ask me the exact measurement, everything depends on tongue tasting. It is hard to measure out 2 TBSP of maltose. I really wonder how people do that because it is so STICKY! I just use a butter knife and scoop it out and stir together with the sauce! If you really need a guide, can use Rasamalaysia's or foodcanon recipe has a real simple list of marinating ingredients too. Don't be too hardup about how many tbsp of these and that, if you want it sweet add more the sweet marinate like sugar or honey; saltier add more Oyster sauce, or salt. I think I would omit Hoisin sauce the next time.

Anyway, I just 'humtum' all the basic marinate I see online.

I marinate the meat overnight and pan-fry just the meat to seal them before dumping in with all the rest of the marinate sauce PLUS about 1 cup of water.
When the sauce comes to boil, switch to medium fire and braised them till liquid evaporated and the sauce caramelized. I cut and tried the meat to make sure they are cook through and tender as according to instruction. Then I drained out the caramelized sauce in a separate sauce pot, and scorched the meat on high fire in the wok.
I thought it will take some time for them to char BUT it takes only a few minutes or should I say seconds? Hahaha and they really become CHAO TAR (burnt)! 
And the whole cooking process takes maybe about 40-45 +- minutes?
Really tender and yummmmy!
I added some water to the drained sticky caramelized Char Siew sauce and cooked them, thinning the very thick sauce.

My very precious Char Siew Sauce.
Woah, I thought I the wok would be burnt badly but 'tadah' minumum washing!
I tell you,"It is better than some 'Restaurant' BBQ Char Siew"!
Definitely better than what we have here.
OMG, I think we are never going to have Char Siew outside!
And it is really CHEAP like almost half price of what we have outside and tasted so much BETTER!
Seriously both of us just snacked away the Char Siew with a toothpick!
WTH, 1lb of Char Siew ...


  1. Great looking recipe. I was looking at Aunt Ruby's version, and I wasn't sure if I could braise pork butt, when the recipe called for pork belly, but thank you for confirming that I can.
    I use a spoon dipped in oil to easily scoop out honey and maltose.

    1. Hi Ami, I guess the PORK COLLAR foodcanon mentioned should be Pork Butt. And the Char Siew tasted great, try them soon.

      Oh 1 question, If I dipped the spoon in oil and then dipped it in the maltose, I would contaminate the maltose right??

  2. Foodcannon has three-4 recipes for his CS pork, so maybe I was looking at a different one? For the spoon, I dip it in oil and I shake it off in the sink until there are no more visible drops of oil, then I use it to scoop. So there is no oil residue left behind. I have no ill effects on the maltose so far with this method.

    1. Thanks for the tip, definitely tried it the next time!

      I think althou foodcanon has 3-4different blog-post about CS but the idea is the same. When you try to do it, drop me a link if you upload your adventure.

      Thanks for dropping by!



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