Friday, February 10, 2012

Buncto - #56 Black & Salted Soy Bean Chicken

I am really very LAZY! 
I should be baking BREADS and CAKES and enjoying my new kitchen BUT the weather is so cold I just want to 'rest' in bed and keep myself WARM!

I am running out of ideas for CHICKEN! 
I still has a bottle of Salted Soybean and Black Soybean sauce in the fridge. I just combine them and have this dish prep. But I must admit I am getting good with preparing slurries.
Ingredient : 2 Skinless Chicken thigh, Green bell peppar, shittake mushrooms, minced garlic.
Seasoning : Salted Soybean, Dark Soy Bean sauce, Sesame oil, Sugar and salt. 
Looks good to me.
I want to try out BEEF next week!

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