Sunday, January 29, 2012

TGI Saturday Shoe DAY!

Recently we are on a HUNT for Skechers Shape-Up shoes, and these are expensive! 
But we finally manage to find one that is on sales and fit my colour and shoes-size requirement. I know these are UGLY but then Skecher Shape-up fitted my high arc feet and I walked better and stand straighter in these shoes. I can walk so much longer without any back pain or strained in the arch of the feet.

I managed to nail this pair at USD25.00!
Don't judged me ok! I remember how I used to lectured my MOTHER about wearing COMFORTABLE but UGLY shoes! Now I have this INNER STRUGGLE in ME to wear it so that I can walk for longer period of time in COMFORT! No choice, age is catching up and it is important for my feet to feel better than looking 'painfully' prettier. After wearing them I realized my backache and feet pain really reduces alot.
BUT of course who can RESIST that pretty pair of HIGH HEELS! I have to have something to  BALANCE out myself mentally right and OWNING that pair of Heels will HELP ALOT to maintain my SANITY.
OK that ugly pair of CROCS is CHEAP, don't judge me! 
These winter Crocs are so comfort especially when I have to bring TOto in the middle of the night to pee pee! And @US10.00, I don't mind buying and just wearing them at home to keep my feet warm in cold winter days too!


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