Tuesday, January 31, 2012

LocknLock : My Order came in 4 BUSINESS DAYS!

I placed my order on the 24 January 2012 during the 50% STOREWIDE and the order came 30 January 2012; only took 4 business days! AND this is NOT from Locknlock Supporter's program.

That is impressive!
Locknlockplace.com has some delivery issues back in November but I guess they managed to solved all their back-end issues.

All items arrived without any missing pieces!
And all items are wrapped nicely.
Immediately I put all these fashion baskets to use in my drawers which are a MESS.
For my Kitchen Cutlery and accessories!
The Bongo Bucket is smaller than expected but for 2 pax, I think this is good enough.
And Hub was so impress with Lock&Lock Bisfree Rectangular Tableware that we received from Locknlockplace.com supporter's program, I proceed to purchase a smaller container hoping I can use that as a Bento Lunchbox.  Lock&Lock Bisfree Oval Tableware looks and feels almost like a glass container but weigh like plastic!
Hmmm, the usual Zen&Lock Esly, Rectangular Ceramic Container is 3.8 Cup but this current Lock&Lock Bisfree Oval Tableware-Dome Style is 4.2 Cup seems alot bigger.

Today is the last day of the Locknlock Supporter's program. 
I enjoyed myself and hopefully Locknlockplace.com opens application for their next term soon!


  1. Wow u received yr orders so fast! I think I'll receive mine on Fri. Looking forward! I bought a cupcake holder and some small items. Really worth it w the 50% off. L&L is ex in Sg.

    1. Ya, I don't think the people here knows how ex it is in SG. Everytime got discount, I want to browse see got anything to buy or not. So crazy! Compare to Tupperware, Locknlock quality is so much better!



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