Sunday, January 29, 2012

LocknLock : Fabric Living Box

This picture is taken right before we are going to bed and I realised *Oppps*, I expose our storage corner! These Living Boxes are really useful, I had 5 of them. And I uses1 of them to help me store ALL MY Locknlock Plastic Containers; big or small. And the FRONT zipper makes it so convenient to retrieve these containers for use. 
From the pictures you can see that I had stacked 2 of the Living boxes there, and hasn't zip them up yet. It looks so untidy inside but hey when it is nicely zipped up, everything looks good from outside, OK! 50% Storewide is still going on. Spring will be arriving soon, and I think this is the best time to stock up these storage boxes to keep all your WINTER clothings!
Use WINTERFEVER during checkout.
These boxes are easy to assemble and when not in use, these boxes can be disassembled flatly so they doesn't take up ANY space.
But I seriously DOUBT you cannot find any use for them!

Don't miss out the storewide 50% discount this time round! 
These boxes are highly recommended by me.

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