Friday, January 27, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #46 3 TBSP Skinless Chicken Thigh!

And TOto is off to Daycamp, I have the day ALL to MYSELF and maybe I will SLEEP the day AWAY!

I have prepared 3 cup chicken here before but this is a more wash down version for Hub's lunchbox and with more sauce for his rice. And yeah we don't use CUPS because I am only preparing for 2 pieces of Chicken thigh, so tablespoon would be more appropriate for the title yah.

Today's menu : 3 cup chicken and steamed veggies.

Ingredient : 2 piece of skinless chicken thigh meat, 5 spring onion, 3-4 cloves of garlic.

Seasoning : 2 tbsp Soy sauce, 2 tbsp Seasame oil, 2 tbsp Rice wine, 1/2 tbsp Dark soy sauce,  1/4 cup water/broth, 1 tbsp Sugar, and a dash of salt. Potato Starch solution (1 tbsp of Potato starch with 1 tbsp of water),
Sliced, diced and chopped ingredient with Cookplus Rainbow 7" Santoku and set aside.
Heat up the oil, add garlic, spring onion and chicken pieces and follow by the seasoning in Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok.
When the dish comes to boil, cover wok and simmer for 10-15minutes.
Lastly boil the dish again, add Potato starch solution, stir and close fire.
*Tadah*, Sweet and salty!
Real addictive. 50% Storewide has 4 more days to go!
Use WINTERFEVER during checkout.


  1. I ordered some items from the Winterfever sale too. Hope they send it out soon, not like last round.
    Btw, how come there's no supporter program for this qtr? Want to join too!

    1. Haha not sure le, usually they will 'announce' on their website or their mailing list like 1 or 2 months before. They have so much problems in Nov-Jan, I wonder are they continuing this program. And usually they send like 2 sets of gifts in a month. In Jan I received once only :(

  2. Ok will look out for it.

    Btw, I really admire yr consistency in updating yr blog. I realized tt it's not easy to cook n take photographs at the same time. Well done :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Actually my intention is to remind myself haha. I always forget, I think most of the hit to my own blog is myself referring to what i have done before!!!

      I just use my handphone to take all these pictures so it is much easier to handle than a camera.




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