Thursday, January 26, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #45 Instant mix Cajun Dirty Rice

It was raining so heavily these few days. Texas WELCOMES and really need the rain because of the drought that has been going on for past 2 years. But seriously TOto hate rainy days plus he is not feeling well made him grouchy and at he same time very sticky to me. And for the past 2 days I cannot do much, I can only stick to him and let him rest. Anyway, today TOto gotten better but he has yet to poop, so got to wait it out. Yeah TOto is our precious furry-kid.

Today's menu : Cajun Jambalaya dirty rice, Pan-fry egg, Steamed veggie and Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Bites.

But Zen&Lock is still having their clearance sales, while stock last.

Recently we had takeout from a new restaurant and I love their rice, Hubs told me these are Cajun's dirty rice! Woah I need to try this out, but the original recipes calls for Chicken Gizzards and livers so I have to delay till I do the next grocery.
Then I saw the 'Instant' Cajun Rice mix, and thought of trying it for Hub's lunch. It is real easy, just prepare some meat; I used Chicken. Cook them with the rice and leave it in the rice cooker to finish cooking.
Next is the veggie, and ...
So far I am loving the Electric steamer and it is really easy to use! 
Just 8minutes and *beep* ...
Arrange them neatly, and you get a nice colourful Buncto which look so appetizing.
Note : Locknlockplace is having a special for its Cookplus Stream Flatware today at 3pm during their Happy Hour Deals!

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