Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #39 Simple meatball with Steam Veg.

My 2nd Buncto in 2012 ...
I was plague with  Abdominal bloating and cramps during the night, and really had a hard time waking up today! And when I woke, it was 'PARTY' in the toilet ~ And now I am burping like a COW! My back is aching pain, and I feels so lethargic but I still manage to struggle with what I had planned, my Hubs's favorite food; meatball!

Today's Menu : Steamed Veggie and Pan-fry Meatball.
Adapted from 3 Ingredient meatball, I added more ingredient; chopped Cilantro and Chestnut

Ingredient : Minced meat, Chopped Parsley, Chopped Cilantro & Chopped Chestnut.
Marinate :  Fish sauce, Five spice powder, sugar, salt and pepper.

I have yet to taste the meatball because of the discomfort hopes Hubbie loves them!

And this is the first time I steam veggie using my Electric Steamer, it is really easy. But I think I sort of over-steam the veggie. Well, I know better the next time round. But it is really convenient, I can just prepare the veggie and just throw it in the container included and adjust the timing and leave it to cook without having to worry about 'fire'! And I can concentrate to prepare the other main dish. Plus Steam Veggie is so much healthier than Boiled Veggie. Wish I can find more recipe online for such steamer! 

P/S : This container is SERIOUSLY cheap! USD7.80 for a ceramic container which is leakproof and airtight? OH please, you can check out Amazon.com, some filmsy plastic bento box, cost MORE than that and are NOT airtight or leakproof! And they are sold ridiculously CHEAP in asia. Yeah, like USD2.00 cheap but are selling at a ridiculous MARKUP price in USA!

Zen&Lock Ceramic Container are having Clearance sale, grab them while they last!

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