Monday, January 16, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #38 Simple fried rice!

Yesh hubby is finally BACK TO WORK!
And he has requested for lunchbox again because his new office's canteen food is suxky!
Something simple to restart my ENGINE, I need to 'research' for more lunchbox food later ...

But for now ...

Today's Menu : Fried rice with Imitation crabmeat and Shimeiji Mushroom.
Choppd and sliced all ingredient using Cookplus Rainbow 7" Santoku and set aside.
Add in oil, garlic and onion in my favourite Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok. 
Then continue with crabmeat and shimeiji mushroom!
Then add in rice, egg and vegetables.
Season with fish sauce, salt and sugar.
Simple, healthy and filling lunchbox for Hubbie!
Oh don't forget to visit if you are interested in getting a Zen&Lock Ceramic Container for your lunchbox, they are on clearance.
Yah plain, I will spice them up again when the engine starts running!

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