Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buncto - #44 Minced Pork, Mushroom and Tofu

Rainy night ...
I was late, couldn't wake when the alarm rang; went back to sleep.

By the time it was Hub's turn to wake I was still sleeping; nevertheless I woke up and got to work.

Today's Menu : Stir-fry Minced Pork with Mushroom and Tofu.

Ingredient :
Minced pork, Shiitake mushroom, Enoki mushroom and soft tofu.
Seasoning :
Soybean sauce, Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, Sesame oil, Potato starch solution, sugar and salt. 

The dishes are getting so boring but these goes well with packed lunched. Maybe I typically love this type of dishes. I should try harder but we have so much left over ingredient from the Steamboat we just have. So Hub will have stir-fry for the next 1-2 weeks until the next grocery ...

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