Tuesday, January 31, 2012

LocknLock : My Order came in 4 BUSINESS DAYS!

I placed my order on the 24 January 2012 during the 50% STOREWIDE and the order came 30 January 2012; only took 4 business days! AND this is NOT from Locknlock Supporter's program.

That is impressive!
Locknlockplace.com has some delivery issues back in November but I guess they managed to solved all their back-end issues.

All items arrived without any missing pieces!
And all items are wrapped nicely.
Immediately I put all these fashion baskets to use in my drawers which are a MESS.
For my Kitchen Cutlery and accessories!
The Bongo Bucket is smaller than expected but for 2 pax, I think this is good enough.
And Hub was so impress with Lock&Lock Bisfree Rectangular Tableware that we received from Locknlockplace.com supporter's program, I proceed to purchase a smaller container hoping I can use that as a Bento Lunchbox.  Lock&Lock Bisfree Oval Tableware looks and feels almost like a glass container but weigh like plastic!
Hmmm, the usual Zen&Lock Esly, Rectangular Ceramic Container is 3.8 Cup but this current Lock&Lock Bisfree Oval Tableware-Dome Style is 4.2 Cup seems alot bigger.

Today is the last day of the Locknlock Supporter's program. 
I enjoyed myself and hopefully Locknlockplace.com opens application for their next term soon!

LocknLock : Buncto - #48 Sweet Ketchup Prawns!

This is one of my favourite dish my mom used to cook for us. 
And my Brother has prawn allergy, so usually I ate most of it.
And I remember mom only prepares them during special occasions because prawns is expensive! She never gives me her recipe, and I saw a similar one in a cookbook, but that recipe calls for Chicken. And my Chicken thigh has yet to thaw in the fridge. 

So there you go, Hub decadent Lunchbox.

Today's menu : Ketchup prawns and pan-fry egg with spring onion.

Ingredient : Prawns, Green bell pepper, Yellow onion, Tomato and Minced garlic.

Seasoning : 2tbsp Ketchup, 2tbsp Sweet chilli sauce, 1/2 cup Water, 1tbsp Sugar, and a pinch of salt.
I usually portions my prawns and freezes them using my Silby Ceramic Dome Style Container. Next Prep the ingredient; wash and peel the prawns, and continue to sliced and diced the rest of the the ingredients with Cookplus Rainbow 7" Santoku.
Heat up my Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok, add oil and pan-fry the prawns to 60% cooked and set aside.
Add more oil to the heated Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok, continue to add Minced garlic and the rest of the veggies. Hmmm, I think should add my Tomatoes later right?
Add in the seasoning.
When the sauce starts to boil throw in the prawns, cover and simmer. 
( I think I should throw in the tomatoes at this point, right before I change the fire to small and start simmering.) You will see the prawn 'oil' will starts to seep out but don't simmer for too long. Maybe like 3-5minutes? Haha I not sure because I start my wash up at this point. Usually for my stove, I didn't just turn the fire to small, I just shut off because the stove will continue to burn for a while more. 
Everything arrange nicely in my Zen&Lock Esly, Rectangular Ceramic Container.
In the end, I ate all the Prawn's head. 
*Calories counting in my head*

After a few months of use my Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok is still as good as new. They wash up real easy without the need to SCRUB. 
Just simple soft sponge and dishwasher detergent and rinse off, and they look NEW again!
The wok is really durable! After 2 months of intensive usage, there isn't any scratch and the teflon is still STRONG. Even the exterior are not scratched or stained either. Highly recommended to get one of this wok for your daily use.

A peak into Hub's lunch bag.
Everything neatly arranged.
One of Hub's colleague loves his RECYCLE bag from Wholefood market; hahaha.
TOto telling me," Mammeee be a good girl today huh, TOto going to daycamp today and will be back soon!"

LocknLock : $1 SHOP - Clearance

CHECK out the Dollar Shop!
Everything in the category is US$1.00.
While stock last!

Monday, January 30, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #47 Chicken.Shiitake.Sugar Snap Pea!

WHAT? Monday already ... 

This weekend was like a mad rush, we had alot of  errands to run, Dog park to go and grocery to do! Hmmmmm, didn't really manage to enjoy our weekend at home! 

Hubbie has given me a 'Challenge' if I can lose X amount of weight, he will reward me with $X,XXX.00 of money to revamp my wardrobe. (Yeah 4 digit!) The catch; I would have to maintain the weight. If not I would have to RETURN the clothes! SO DIE DIE, I have to maintain it within a MONTH! It is so hard to have to COOK and try to LOSE weight at the same time but I shall give it a try and earn his HARD EARN $$$$ ...

Today's menu : Stir-fry Chicken with; Shiitake mushroom, Sugar snap pea, carrot and a sunny-side-up.

Ingredients : 2 chicken thighs, 6 Shiitake mushroom,  a handful of Sugar snap pea, 1 Carrot, 4 cloves of Minced garlic.

Marinate : 1/2 tbsp Soy sauce, 2 tsp Sugar, a dash of salt Salt and 2 tsp of Potato Starch.

Seasoning : 1 tbsp Oyster sauce, 1/2 cup Chicken stock, 1/2tbsp of sugar and 1tsp of salt.

I usually buy the chicken thighs in bulk and then will separate the chicken pieces in my various locknlockplace.com container and freezes them. So the night before I will just take out one of the container and defroze them in the fridge and in the morning I will just  marinate the chicken pieces in the container as well.

Slice and marinate the chicken slices and set aside.
Slice and dice the remaining of the ingredients with Cookplus Rainbow 7" Santoku.
First pan fry the chicken to 60% cook and set aside.
Using oil from the chicken, add in the minced garlic and continue with the rest of the veggies and seasoning. When the water boil, add in the potato starch solution, stir a bit and close fire.
Smell nice and LOOK GOOD with all the colour huh!
Hmmmm should be a healthy mix, with the mix of meat and veggies.
Everything arrange nicely in my Zen&Lock Esly, Rectangular Ceramic Container.
Hubbie loves how he get to OPEN his lunchbox and be surprised on what he will be getting for lunch!
Hmmmm, what's for tomorrow?

OH don't forget today is the last day for locknlockplace.com 50% store-wide promotion.

Use WINTERFEVER during checkout.

LocknLock : Happy Hour 3-5pm! (Jan 30- Feb 03)

I think the Blue Bento set selling on Friday would make a good Valentine's day Gift for your the other half; motivating him to start changing to a healthier diet. Or even a better idea; preparing lunchbox for your love one will definitely makes a good Valentine's Day gift for him/her the rest of the year! 

Or what about a Hot Tank Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle for your girlfriends, mommy or grand-mum for a  Valentine's gift in this Cold winter days?
What will you be getting for your Valentine?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

TGI Saturday Shoe DAY!

Recently we are on a HUNT for Skechers Shape-Up shoes, and these are expensive! 
But we finally manage to find one that is on sales and fit my colour and shoes-size requirement. I know these are UGLY but then Skecher Shape-up fitted my high arc feet and I walked better and stand straighter in these shoes. I can walk so much longer without any back pain or strained in the arch of the feet.

I managed to nail this pair at USD25.00!
Don't judged me ok! I remember how I used to lectured my MOTHER about wearing COMFORTABLE but UGLY shoes! Now I have this INNER STRUGGLE in ME to wear it so that I can walk for longer period of time in COMFORT! No choice, age is catching up and it is important for my feet to feel better than looking 'painfully' prettier. After wearing them I realized my backache and feet pain really reduces alot.
BUT of course who can RESIST that pretty pair of HIGH HEELS! I have to have something to  BALANCE out myself mentally right and OWNING that pair of Heels will HELP ALOT to maintain my SANITY.
OK that ugly pair of CROCS is CHEAP, don't judge me! 
These winter Crocs are so comfort especially when I have to bring TOto in the middle of the night to pee pee! And @US10.00, I don't mind buying and just wearing them at home to keep my feet warm in cold winter days too!


LocknLock : Fabric Living Box

This picture is taken right before we are going to bed and I realised *Oppps*, I expose our storage corner! These Living Boxes are really useful, I had 5 of them. And I uses1 of them to help me store ALL MY Locknlock Plastic Containers; big or small. And the FRONT zipper makes it so convenient to retrieve these containers for use. 
From the pictures you can see that I had stacked 2 of the Living boxes there, and hasn't zip them up yet. It looks so untidy inside but hey when it is nicely zipped up, everything looks good from outside, OK!
Locknlockplace.com 50% Storewide is still going on. Spring will be arriving soon, and I think this is the best time to stock up these storage boxes to keep all your WINTER clothings!
Use WINTERFEVER during checkout.
These boxes are easy to assemble and when not in use, these boxes can be disassembled flatly so they doesn't take up ANY space.
But I seriously DOUBT you cannot find any use for them!

Don't miss out the Locknlockplace.com storewide 50% discount this time round! 
These boxes are highly recommended by me.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple Taiwanese Mushroom Braised Pork

This is a real simple recipe and definitely a keeper.
I usually half the recipes and add more Rock Sugar but the end result will depend how 'sweet' or 'salty' you like the dish. And this is very flexible, you do not have to follow everything to a T. I didn't add pepper, and I dump in more fried shallots and didn't really measure exactly TEN mushroom because I bought the pre-sliced type.

Ingredient : Minced pork belly 600gm, Dried shittake mushroom 10pcs, Shallots 30gm, Broth 700ml.

Seasoning : Soy sauce 100ml, Rock Sugar 1tbsp, Rice wine 2tbsp, Pepper 1/2 tsp.

1) Soak mushroom, diced and set aside.
2) Heat up wok, add 3tbsp of oil, and fried diced shallots to crisp, and set aside.  
(I done this the night before.) Remember to SAVE the oil for next step.
3) Heat up wok and use oil from frying shallots, (I added minced garlic (out of habit) ) to fry the minced meat. (The book wrote to fry the mushroom first and add minced meat but I prefer to fry the meat first.) 

When minced meat turn white add in diced mushroom.

4) Continue to throw in 1/3 of fried shallots and add in all Seasoning except broth. 
Stir fry till aromatic and ... (I added 2tsp of Dark soy sauce.)
5) Change to a pot and add in broth.
Boil, and simmer for 1 hour and throw in the rest of the fried shallot, continue simmering for another 10 minutes and tadah ... 

I used my Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Saucepan, Yellow, 7.1-Inch to braise for 1 hour and 10 minutes. I have been using this pot for a few months now and this pot is still as good as new!
Usually people eat Taiwanese Mushroom Braised Pork with rice but I LOVE it with Fried Beehoon! 
Gosh, I feel so Taiwanese! 
If you want to, you can add into your pot a few hard-boiled egg!
Best for Hub's Lunchbox, or lazy nights.

Friday, January 27, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #46 3 TBSP Skinless Chicken Thigh!

And TOto is off to Daycamp, I have the day ALL to MYSELF and maybe I will SLEEP the day AWAY!

I have prepared 3 cup chicken here before but this is a more wash down version for Hub's lunchbox and with more sauce for his rice. And yeah we don't use CUPS because I am only preparing for 2 pieces of Chicken thigh, so tablespoon would be more appropriate for the title yah.

Today's menu : 3 cup chicken and steamed veggies.

Ingredient : 2 piece of skinless chicken thigh meat, 5 spring onion, 3-4 cloves of garlic.

Seasoning : 2 tbsp Soy sauce, 2 tbsp Seasame oil, 2 tbsp Rice wine, 1/2 tbsp Dark soy sauce,  1/4 cup water/broth, 1 tbsp Sugar, and a dash of salt. Potato Starch solution (1 tbsp of Potato starch with 1 tbsp of water),
Sliced, diced and chopped ingredient with Cookplus Rainbow 7" Santoku and set aside.
Heat up the oil, add garlic, spring onion and chicken pieces and follow by the seasoning in Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok.
When the dish comes to boil, cover wok and simmer for 10-15minutes.
Lastly boil the dish again, add Potato starch solution, stir and close fire.
*Tadah*, Sweet and salty!
Real addictive.

Locknlockplace.com 50% Storewide has 4 more days to go!
Use WINTERFEVER during checkout.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

LocknLock : Buncto - #45 Instant mix Cajun Dirty Rice

It was raining so heavily these few days. Texas WELCOMES and really need the rain because of the drought that has been going on for past 2 years. But seriously TOto hate rainy days plus he is not feeling well made him grouchy and at he same time very sticky to me. And for the past 2 days I cannot do much, I can only stick to him and let him rest. Anyway, today TOto gotten better but he has yet to poop, so got to wait it out. Yeah TOto is our precious furry-kid.

Today's menu : Cajun Jambalaya dirty rice, Pan-fry egg, Steamed veggie and Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Bites.

But Zen&Lock is still having their clearance sales, while stock last.

Recently we had takeout from a new restaurant and I love their rice, Hubs told me these are Cajun's dirty rice! Woah I need to try this out, but the original recipes calls for Chicken Gizzards and livers so I have to delay till I do the next grocery.
Then I saw the 'Instant' Cajun Rice mix, and thought of trying it for Hub's lunch. It is real easy, just prepare some meat; I used Chicken. Cook them with the rice and leave it in the rice cooker to finish cooking.
Next is the veggie, and ...
So far I am loving the Electric steamer and it is really easy to use! 
Just 8minutes and *beep* ...
Arrange them neatly, and you get a nice colourful Buncto which look so appetizing.
Note : Locknlockplace is having a special for its Cookplus Stream Flatware today at 3pm during their Happy Hour Deals!


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