Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amigurumi Unicorn by Littleyarnfriends

Spotted this cute unicorn by Littleyarnfriends and I couldn't resist and starts crocheting away right after girly ghost! I should have used prettier coloured yarn, these combination of yarn colours makes my Unicorn looks like a giraffe!
I like to start my amigurumi with the HEAD!
And all amigurumi head looks alike, hahaha.
The yarns I am using ...
It took me over 3 days to finish the product, and this is one of the largest amigurumi I have done!
And now the most difficult part, placing and sewing them together!
I hate this part MOST because any imbalance of placement, the amigurumi will look so weird ...
End product, CUTE bo?
And it CAN STAND!!!
This is by far one of my BEST stitched with most of the parts uniformed and the stitches tight!
I am addicted to amigurumi ...


Friday, December 28, 2012

long time no Mee Hoon Kueh ...

Me and Hub is not big fan of Mee Hoon kueh BUT maybe my skill is not good enough then ...
This time round, I prep the soup base with Meaty Pork Bone, Pork stomach, Anchovies  Red dates and Onion; and pressure cooked it for 1 solid hour.

Then I add in prawn shells and brew the soup for another 20minutes and add in fish sauce, sugar and salt to add flavor  I also cooked the prawn separately and set aside. I don't like Prawns cooked too long in the soup with the rest of the ingredient.
The soup is "OH so sweet!"

Then I hand pulled the noodle and cooked them separately in another pot of boiling water, I hate the flourly taste that might affect the soup! After everything that should be parboil and set aside is done, I scoop out a bowl of soup and add an individual portion of all the ingredient into one pot and cooked them together, lastly add a egg. 

Alot of work, but OH SO WORTH IT!
Let's see what is in the bowl; Pork bone meat, Pork stomach, Shiitake mushroom, Enoki mushroom, Prawns  , egg and leftover Tong-Ho 茼蒿 (Garland Chrysanthemum) from all the steamboat session from last weekend!

Everyone of us still had one last bowl at about 11.30pm at night, this might means it is 'Oh SO GOOD!'. Gf loves soupy stuffs, I might do it again with just pork. Prawn in Texas is expensive, haha doing a Pork's version is more economical!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Amigurumi 'Ghost' of the X'mas tree ...

I've a gf who is a fan of 'GHOST'!
Yah right so weird, hahaha ...
And she is visiting me during her Winter break so I decide to do a GHOST for her ...
To be specific a WINTER girly ghost ...
Can you spot the ghost from all the ornaments on the X'mas tree!?
I gotten Amy Gaines's design from and it looks easy and I actually finished the whole thing within a day. Alot of mistakes along the way but not visible at all and the shapes come out ok since it is a odd shaped not a definite round ...

I added the eyelashes, a ribbon and a scarf ...
Such a girly cute ghost right?
My first amigurumi gift out ...

Where got ghost so cute one?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I'm dreaming of ...

... a white Christmas!
And my wish came true on Christmas day ...
The snow was just the right thickness!
Me with my happy poochie!
Hopes everyone had a great year and more to come in the coming new year~
Our Red and Gold Christmas tree this year ...
Ho ho ho!

Monday, December 24, 2012

X'mas Eve shopping @ Coach Outlet ...

It's the first time lots of retail open till late evening on Christmas's Eve!
And Allen Premium states it opens till 7pm.

Gotten myself a large wristlet and a Foldable travelling bag.
There wasn't as much people as compared to Thanksgiving but they are having an extra 30% + 10% off the current promotion in-store.
Saw these cute white scotty pouch, very cute!
But the size is rather odd, and I have no use for this size.
TOto is so bored, hahaha ...
A cute leatherette bag but out of 'gf''s budget.
We gotten each a large wristlet, and she bought the black ones.
TOto dozing off?
The bag on the left is the foldable bag that I bought but I bought it in Teal.
We also visited Adidas and an fashion store but we came too late and most stores is closing soon!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

'gf' 1st day in Dallas, TX

Off to the airport to 'collect' a gf!
She is studying in Wisconsin and coming down to Dallas for winter break and I CANNOT WAIT for a companion to come down!
Yeah, hello gf!
Brought her for a simple lunch first before proceeding to Grapevine Mills and going home for steamboat later!
Tex-Mex, what else?
It has a outdoor patio, so TOto can goes in with us but we 'locked' him up in his zippy stroller.
He is NOT happy which explains why he is BACK facing us.
I almost wanted to get this Vans shoes but gf decides she wanted to get 2 for the BUY1Get1-50 off.
One of the cute leather Vans she gotten.
Bags got the same promo too, and she gotten 2!
ME waiting for her in F21 because it is toooooo messy to shop in!
But it is one of the larger store in Dallas's area.
We also gotten some stuffs from Abercrombie Outlet, one of the more worthwhile store to visit in Grapevine Mills. But by then it is already 7pm, and we have to rush home for dinner and TOto is MAD bored with all these shopping trip!

见面礼 from her, hahaha!
Our sumptous Pre-X'mas dinner!
Very SHIOK on a cold cold night ...

Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 冬至快乐!

I didn't have any plan of doing any 汤圆 DIY but we forget them on our grocery trip. I requested Hubba to go to the grocery after his work but he is lazy to do it and luckily I saw the blog post from Carol's 自在生活-黑芝麻湯圓, it must be some 'SUPERnatural power' telling me that I have to DIY myself. 

Plus I ONLY eat the type of 汤圆 with fillings so I have 'extra' work, hahaha!
Ingredients :
Fillings : Black Sesame powder 100 gm, Confectionery Sugar 60 gm and Lard 40 gm
Skin : Glutinous rice flour 120 gram, Cold water 90 gm
Please refer original site for all the steps.
The filling easy peasy just mix them well, and roll them into balls; and set them to the fridge to harden them up for later use.

The flour part was abit tricky, I couldnt get the flour to be non-stick. The flour sticks EVERYWHERE! I had difficult rolling them out properly to stuck my fillings in and made a mess but I per·se·vere and just carry on. I was scared that most of the skin will split and I have a pot of messy Sesame seed paste SOUP instead!

I sliced some ginger, added Pandan leaves and brown palm sugar into a pot of boiling water; and stay praying ...
Luckily NON of them break, and all of the dumpling survived the hot water attacked!
And we had 10 chewy QQ, FRESH Sesame Seed fillings 汤圆!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hallo I am POOCHIE!!

I use All about Ami's dragon pattern and do up a cute doggie instead!
Cute bo?
My collection of Amigurmi family!!
And they are still expanding ...
For now, all are based on All about Ami's pattern.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amigurumi - Furry Bearie

I used the design by All About Ami again, I really love the proportion of her amigurumi toys!
And this time, I choose her Valentine's day bear but my bear looks so different from hers. She is so handy, and all the small small stitches look so finely done.

I am a TOMBOY when it comes to crafting, just NO PATIENCE to do it slowly and intricately ...
Let's see my how I go about doing everything ...
There is even some 'Char Siew' preparation photographs, CLICK on below to continue.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crochet: Bedroom Slipper

Another You-Tube project and this time by bobwilson123
Same thing as the last crochet project, I just followed blindly.
Positioned my tablet, and these are the selected yarn's colour.
The slippers are slowly showing up ...
But the measurement was abit OFF, and it was too big after being stretched.
The 2nd of the pair, has a better fit.
It is really too loose, and the slipper slips out easily ...
But cute right?
I decide to do a ballet style lace for the 2nd slipper.
On the next day, I decide to 'CUT' thread and resize my slipper but was too lazy to do the edging, so I keep everything simple, and it becomes a simple Mary Jane! I have 2 different pattern of shoe, so cute right, hahaaha!

Really keep my feet cold in winter!
But too slippery to wear on Tiles flooring.
Hmmmm, what's next?


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