Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recent Eat-in/out

It is almost a month since we come back and our status is still in 'LIMBO' ...
So I try to do minimum grocery and just get grocery from nearby Walmart or Target. We are also eating out quite alot too! So bear with me! When Hubs goes back to work and after we move to our new place in Mid-Jan AND PLUS, if everything goes according to plan; I'll be doing ALOT of new kitchen experiments!!

Some of our eat-in and eat-out pictures!

Mexican Rosa dinner; Burritos and Taco meals.
My ALL-TIME favourite; Bimbibap.
Rolls and rolls of California Sushi. 
This is simple, cheap and VERY FILLING! Me and Hub can eat 8rolls in one sitting! It is so healthy we are having alot of them recently!
On weekends, I be requesting to eat DIMSUM!
And of course the very EASY and FILLING; Pork Dumplings.
My first time; Imitation Crabmeat and Mushrooms Stir Fry Vermicelli.
Fried Beehoon
Whenever I go Hmart, I will definitely get a tub of these fermented Squid~
Hub brought me to this Genghi's grill where they give you a bowl and you can fill it up as much different items as you like in the bowl and they teppanyaki the food with the sauce you choose! Interesting but I think it might be the last time I go to, but then again we have a COUPON to use, hahaha!
Our DIY Mac Pancake Big Breakfast!
Finally we finish all the Pre-packed Pad Thai!

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