Thursday, December 15, 2011

LocknLock : X'mas gifts came early!!

Today is a HAPPY DAY! My Sephora order is here and in the evening another knock on the door came and I recieved an expected 'box'! I almost forget I was a Locknlock's Supporter, hahaha!

I should be the first few to get the box because Texas has their warehouse here in Dallas!
Inside the box was a set of Locknlock new range, "Hello Bebe"!
But erm I have no babies/kids to test out this range, well the ODD thing is HUB has alot of ideas for all these miniature cups and bowls! He says these are suitable for our SAUCE and DIP.
This is DEFINITELY a CHRISTMAS gift for me; Lock & Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok, 11-Inch!
A frying WOK and RED is definitely MY COLOUR. 
If I cook everyday, A WOK is a MUST HAVE!

And this Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Rectangular w/Handle, 12-Cup Size come just in time for Christmas Bakes! I have plans baking the 'Italian Beef Roulade Steak: Braciole', this would be just the right size for a party and serve directly from the oven looking GOOD!

The flower design on the lid is so elegant ~

These containers are just handy to keep around the house for anything.
More reviews of items to come!

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